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Smart tips for sending cards

October 12, 2009


Invited to a friend’s dinner party? Having a baby? Getting ready for the holidays? If you’re looking to get a jump start on an event or two in your near future, then check out, which offers tips to help you save time and eliminate confusion by recommending how to properly RSVP to events and build the perfect photo card for any occasion.

RSVP etiquette

• Promptly RSVP to any event you’re invited to, just as you would want in return.

• Respond by deadline; not only is this important for food and drink counts, but also for the host or hostess to prepare for the event.

• If you’re unable to attend an event you already responded to with a “yes,” make a quick courtesy call. Sure, you’ll miss out, but your call will be much appreciated.

• An invitation that is addressed specifically to your name and makes no mention of a guest generally infers you cannot bring one.

• If your children’s names were not included on the envelope but you would like to bring them along, just ask. It may mean children are not invited, or it could be an oversight, so always ask beforehand.

Creating the perfect birth announcement

• Choose a card that shows your family style, something unique to represent you and your new baby.

• Select a photo that is sentimental to your family or evokes a certain, special memory.

• Keep it simple. A short introduction followed by your baby’s name, weight and birth date is ideal.

• For expecting moms, research your birth announcement resource ahead of time, as traditional etiquette suggests birth announcements should be sent to family and friends within six months of the birth.

Building the Perfect Holiday Greeting Card

• Don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor. It opens hearts and lets friends and family see your fun side.

• Include captions; keep them short, but sincere and to the point.

• Select a photo that has sentimental value. Don’t worry about finding one where everyone looks “perfect.” If you love it, they will, too.

• Use only one to three photos. Too many may dilute the meaning of the card.

• Lastly, juxtapose past photos with current ones. This conversation-starter highlights your family’s growth and evokes old memories.


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