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Outerwear outlook: Chic styles for fall

October 5, 2009


Chilly weather and rainy days offer plenty of justification for a new coat purchase. Read on for fall coat inspiration:

Bright coat:

An upbeat fall trend, the bright coat adds pep and punch to your daily wardrobe. Often fall outfits include so many earth tones — tans piled on browns layered upon olive greens; although I love the natural colors of fall, a brilliant and pungent contrast is awakening.

Look for a calf-length bright coat — one with wide lapels and a center-cinching belt. Wear your eye-catching coat with noncompetitive colors in order to highlight its shape and design.

Winter white:

A crisp white jacket or crème-colored overcoat looks stunning amidst an autumnal Kansas backdrop. Keep your eyes peeled for double-breasted jackets, peacoats and leather blazers in shades of white. Also, keep in mind the details: off-center zippers, big collars or lapels, strong shoulders and robe-tied waists. Look up my current favorite winter-white dream jacket, a soft crème leather designed by Viktor & Rolf. Its collarless design includes blouselike ruffles adorning the waist.

Belted coat:

This season’s belted coat is sure to be a classic investment. From simple shapes to over-the-top embellishments, the versatility of such a coat will bring you all the way through your casual days into the wee hours of your cocktail nights.

It is easy to pick a belted coat that suits your individual personality. Different materials — tweed, wool, plain and patterned — all varieties lead to a fast fall wardrobe update. Mix and match your belts according to outfit and mentality. Cinch your scruffy, puffy overcoat with a bright and shiny belt for a revamped, modern style. Replace the pre-installed belt with a more flattering strap.

Forever leather:

Leather is a timeless material, but the shape and style of leather is ever-changing. While the motorcycle jacket trend is still going strong, designers are cranking out current, hip editions with endless details. In order to maintain your own in-style leather aesthetic, look for intricate seams, out-there colors, zippers and studs. Wear leather jackets with leggings and jeans, T-shirts and dresses. Do pay attention to the armholes in your leather jacket (frequently, they are cut too high, smashing your upper chest into an incorrect amount of fabric).

In-style coat details

Other trends in outerwear:

• Cinched high-waist

• Classic camel coat

• Wide lapels

• Large buttons

• Detachable collar (two looks in one)

• Impeccable tailoring

• Simple yet interesting shape

• Military style (offset with feminine colors, ruffles, and accessories)

• Leopard print/fur

• Peplum waist

• Exaggerated shoulders

• Ruffles

• Black, grey, navy, and purple-plum hues

• Blanket coats

• Cocoon coats—full volume that narrows near the knees

• Black and white or houndstooth patterns

• Girly ruching, pleating, and ruffling


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