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Stop throwing money down the drain

November 30, 2009


A dual flush toilet valve will save you time and money.

A dual flush toilet valve will save you time and money.

Dual-flush toilets save water and money by allowing you to flush with a half-tank of water or a full tank of water, depending on your needs. Proper installation and use of a dual-flush valve within your existing toilet will save thousands of gallons of water each year.

Step 1: Use the shut-off valve to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Flush the stool and soak up the excess liquid from inside the tank with a sponge. Disconnect the water-supply line beneath the tank and use an adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the two or three tank-to-bowl nuts and bolts.

Step 2: Carefully lift the tank up and away from the back of the stool. Remove the tank to bowl gasket from beneath the tank. If it is worn, now is a good time to replace it. Thoroughly clean the bottom of the tank and the top of the stool to assure a tight seal when you replace the tank.

Step 3: Remove the existing flush valve and replace it with a new dual-flush valve. Push down on the dual-flush valve as you tighten the retaining nut on the underside of the tank.

Step 4: Replace the tank-to-bowl gasket and reattach the tank to the stool. Make sure the tank is well-seated on the stool before tightening the tank to bowl nuts and bolts.

Step 5: Unscrew the retaining nut on the inside of the tank clockwise to remove the existing flush lever. Install the new dual-flush handle and attach the flush-control mechanism to the back of the handle.

Step 6: Attach the fill tube to the top of the flush valve. Follow the dual-flush valve instructions to adjust the half- and full-flush volumes.

Step 7: Reconnect the water-supply line to the bottom of the tank and turn the water supply back on. Check for leaks and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 8: Replace the tank lid and put away your tools.

Now take a moment to explain your new flushing etiquette to all the members of your household and stop flushing money down the drain once and for all.


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