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25 years ago: Dole elected Senate majority leader

November 28, 2009


Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., was elected U.S. Senate majority leader when the Republican caucus picked him by a vote of 28-25 over Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska. Stevens also was a Kansas native.

Although he ordered the Treasury Department to find a better way to tax Americans, President Reagan was mum on what program he might espouse to bring about fairer taxation policies.

The acquittal of a Lecompton stable operator on a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to animals seemed likely to force the Lawrence Humane society to re-evaluate its procedures for filing charges and pursuing cases. The society had seized three horses from the stable, contending they were undernourished but a jury found for the owner. Local people said a new approach was needed for such cases.

The attorney general said the Kansas Board of Regents had violated the state open meetings law in some of its “secret” meetings involving policies and programs at Emporia State University.

Latest estimates were that the Wakarusa Bridge — still not open — would cost at least $252,500 more than anticipated. The total cost had soared to $884,358. The county was accountable for a fourth of the cost with the rest to cme from federal funding. Opening was several weeks away.


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