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Lawrence City Commission expected to approve $800,000 in improvements to Kasold Drive

Street maintenance for Kasold Drive is in the plan for 2010. The project would repave the road and add bike lanes in both directions.

November 27, 2009


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The construction cones keep coming for Kasold Drive.

City commissioners on Tuesday are expected to approve the city’s 2010 street maintenance plan, with an $800,000 project on a portion of Kasold Drive at the center of the proposal.

Engineers with the city’s public works department are recommending major improvements to the section of Kasold Drive from Trail Road to Peterson Road during the summer of 2010.

“It still carries traffic well and it is not a candidate for a total rebuild, but it does definitely need a better surface,” said Mark Thiel, the city’s assistant public works director.

The project will involve new asphalt for the road, but also will include several new amenities. Thiel said the project will add bike lanes in both directions to the road, will remove the concrete median and replace it with a landscaped median, and will include a sidewalk along the entire stretch of the road.

The work will be the latest in a string of improvements to Kasold. In 2007, the city completed a $6 million rebuilding of Kasold between Bob Billings Parkway and Clinton Parkway, and in 2006 crews rebuilt the portion of Kasold north of Peterson to the Kansas Turnpike.

At least one more major Kasold project is on the way. Engineers currently are designing a project to rebuild Kasold between Clinton Parkway and 31st Street. That $6 million project — which will be the largest project to date funded by a new infrastructure sales tax — is set for construction in either 2010 or early 2011.

The Trail to Peterson Road project also will be partially funded from the city’s infrastructure sales tax. About $500,000 of sales tax money will be used on the project, with the rest coming from motor fuel and property tax revenues.

In total, the city is proposing $5.1 million worth of traditional maintenance work on streets, which does not include the larger rebuilding projects such as the work planned for the southern portion of Kasold Drive.

Maintenance crews are expected to concentrate on several areas of town in 2010. Here’s a look:

• Most residential streets in North Lawrence will receive a microsurfacing treatment, which is a thin layer of new pavement added to the top of the road.

• Streets between Seventh Street and 23rd Street and Iowa Street and Haskell Avenue will be checked for cracks and sealed.

• Several residential streets between Kasold Drive and Iowa Street and Clinton Parkway and 31st Street will have their pavement milled and replaced.

• Significant work on concrete pavement will be done on two streets. Portions of Inverness Drive north of Clinton Parkway will have new concrete installed. Barker Avenue just south of 15th Street also will have new concrete work done.

• 23rd Street from Haskell to the eastern city limits will be repaved, partially funded by state money designed to maintain state highways.

A complete map of all proposed street maintenance projects for 2010 can be found at


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