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25 years ago: Regents receive weighty repair bill

November 27, 2009


There was a slight dusting of morning snow but much of it blew off or melted. A bigger immediate problem was the prospect that the local temperature would dive to 20 degrees and under by the next morning.

Declining lending rates promised to transform a seasonal lull for local savings and loan associations into a busier and brighter holiday season. But just as lower prime rates didn’t translate into lower local mortgage rates, neither did they translate into sudden increases in mortgage activity, said local officials. Little immediate action was noted here.

Fearing that buildings on the seven campuses governed by the Kansas Board of Regents badly needed repairs, the regents asked for an estimate of what it would take to set things right. The sobering answer totaled more than a quarter of million dollars, in fact $279.3 million for all state schools — at least $61 million of that sum for Kansas University.

Four Lawrence High coaches who had led their athletic teams to state championships in the current academic year were honored: Joan Wells for girls volleyball, Ted Juneau for girls golf, Bob Manning for boys gymnastics and Bill Freeman for football.

Judge James Paddock was due to rule soon in the neighborhood suit against an expansion project at the St. Lawrence Catholic Center.


Maddy Griffin 8 years, 4 months ago

$279.3 million is over a quarter BILLION, not million.

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