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November 21, 2009


Fifty-two Scouts from Troop 55 earned nearly 270 merit badges while attending Camp Bartle from July 16-25 in Osceola, Mo.

Earning rank advancements were Alex Tharp, Scout; Aaron Gerhke, Star; Nick Pippert, Life; and David Lawrence, Bronze Eagle Palm.

Four new Braves from the troop, Ian Gent, Jamie Braden, Johnathan Roberts and Tyler Hanson, were called out by The Tribe of Mic-O-Say. The troop also celebrated the advancement of three new hardway Warriors: Isaac Remboldt, Jacob Pfeifer and Jeremy Woodhead.

The Tribe welcomed the addition of Bill Robbins, Rick Heschmeyer, Gregg Winchester, Bo March, Carrie Koch and Terri Coughlin as Honorary Warriors/Honored Women. They witnessed the paint elevation of Warriors Joe Vannicola to Runner and Grady Walker to Shaman. In addition, the following 11 Scouts were called out as Foxmen who are being watched and considered for possible future membership in the Tribe: Adam Hayes, Alex Houston, Austin Johanning, Ben Maloun, Clayton Pfeifer, Cody Koch, Conner Remboldt, John Bennett IV, Matthew Thompson, Nick Pippert and Stephen Fulton. Heather Johanning and Vicki Lindberg coordinated Visitor’s Day at camp.

Troop 55 attended Order of the Arrow Fall Induction Weekend Aug. 21-23 at Camp Naish in Bonner Springs. Adam Hayes, Ben Maloun, Cody Koch, Kjell Mullenix, Monte Turner, Nick Pippert, Carrie Koch and Bill Pippert completed the necessary responsibilities and requirements for Ordeal membership in OA and were officially inducted at a Saturday evening ceremony. Alex Houston, Austin Johanning, Clayton Pfeifer, Connor Remboldt, Stephen Fulton, Monicka Remboldt and Peter Houston met the requirements for elevation to Brotherhood membership in Order of the Arrow. Also attending and completing a six-mile hike on the Rimrock Trail were Arrowmen Ian Gent, Isaac Remboldt, Jacob Pfeifer, Jamie Braden, Jeremy Woodhead, Johnathan Roberts, Tyler Hanson, Mike Maloun and Scott Braden.

Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered by Westside Presbyterian Church, held its Spring Court of Honor June 13 at its annual family campout. The Scouts earned 31 rank advancements.

Scout: Brandon Bunting, Noah Christilles, Carter Claxton, Austin Coughlin, Andrew Ferguson, Michael Gates, Sadra Gerami, August Hachmeister, Nathanial Herries, Braden Johanning, Glen Lemon, Austin Lindberg, Isaac March, Jonathan Mitts, Lane Nations, Connor Nichols, Stephen Osterhous, Ted Savich, Alex Waite and Seth Winchester.

Tenderfoot: Tyler Barnes.

Second Class: Levi Koch and Lucas Mackey.

First Class: Andrew Harris.

Star: Cody Koch, Ben Maloun and Monte Scott Turner II.

Life Scout: Stephen Fulton, Ian Gent, Austin Johanning and Clayton Pfeifer.

Twelve-month camper: Michael Heschmeyer and Austin Johanning.

Junior Leader Training: Tyler Archinal, Tyler Barnes, Andrew Harris, Adam Hayes, Michael Heschmeyer, John Kihm, Cody Koch, Levi Koch, Lucas Mackey, Tyler Robbins and Daniel Spencer Clapp.

The Scouts also earned 39 merit badges since the previous Court of Honor in February, including American heritage, camping, citizenship in the nation, communications, emergency preparedness, family life, personal fitness, personal management, and pioneering and swimming.

Boy Scout Troop 55, chartered to Westside Presbyterian Church, attended a campout Nov. 6-8 at Wilson Reservoir. The following Scouts mountain biked 16 miles of single-track trail through the Wilson State Park: Nick Pippert, Alex Houston, Austin and Braden Johanning, Isaac Remboldt, Austin Coughlin, Tyler Barnes, Jeremy Woodhead, Cody and Levi Koch, Jacob and Clayton Pfeifer, Matthew Thompson, Lucas Mackey, Isaac March and Ben Maloun; with leaders Bo March, Carrie Koch, Doug Mackey and Mike Maloun. The following Scouts backpacked six miles: Jamie Braden, Connor Remboldt, Alex Waite, Connor Nichols and Austin Lindberg; with leaders John Pfeifer and Scott Braden. In the afternoon, the Scouts enjoyed games and more cycling. Scout leaders Paul and Terri Coughlin provided base camp support and transportation. On Sunday morning, the Troop took a private tour of S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden in Lucas. Diane Hachmeister and her son, Gus, a Scout in Troop 55, provided the tour.


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