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75-year-old Topeka area man dies from H1N1; LMH reports flu activity

November 20, 2009, 10:45 a.m. Updated November 20, 2009, 12:33 p.m.


Swine Flu Pandemic

An outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu was reported in Mexico in April 2009. By the end of May, it had spread across the U.S., with all 50 states reporting cases.

A 75-year-old man from the Topeka area has died from infection with the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reported that the man had underlying health conditions that placed him at greater risk for severe complications of influenza.

This death brings the total number of confirmed deaths from the pandemic strain statewide to 19.

“I strongly encourage anyone who is recommended and able to be vaccinated against the pandemic H1N1 virus at this time to please do so,” said Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips, state health director. “In addition to protecting yourself, you will be safeguarding the health of others.”

Jeff Novorr, Lawrence Memorial Hospital vice president, said 36 people have been hospitalized at LMH with flu-like symptoms and pneumonia during the past few months. He said only two were confirmed cases of H1N1.


caveatguy 8 years ago

Before Marion-the-health-expert checks in, I thought I would remind him of his posts from last Spring!

_ Why is the US/Mexican border not closed?- Marion S. Lynn __

I think we're in for it with this one. - Marion S. Lynn — I concur but also expect that one or the other of the flus or hemoragic fevers is going to take care of that matter for us and in the not too distant future. - Marion S. Lynn _ I would be out trying to find some masks and thinking about preparation as this situation is going downhill fast.- Marion S. Lynn _ If you get locked out, no one may let you in.- Marion S. Lynn _ Got YOUR masks yet?- Marion S. Lynn _ Get your N95s while you still can.- Marion S. Lynn _ There are still N95s on a few store shelves.- Marion S. Lynn _ Essentially, you are on your own- Marion S. Lynn _ See, the thing is about flu and other diseases is that they can run and run hard. _ N95 masks are still available but will most likely be sold out in a few days - Marion S. Lynn

Sunny Parker 8 years ago

Why keep reporting this as news? Everyone that dies from this flu has 'underlying conditions'.

laughingatallofu 8 years ago

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bearded_gnome 8 years ago

I suspect that 36 number includes me. my influenza A test was negative, ... and the doc said he thought they had a lot of false negatives.

no, have not gotten the h1n1 vaccine. I think I heard human trials of the vax in the U.S. were just finished a week or two ago.

Red, if you're over 60, you probably have some immunity against h1n1 it seems. I'm not over 60.

I'm starting to think there's a lot of hype about h1n1 and its supposed dangers, dangers beyond normal seasonal flu.

I'm mostly over the symptoms, and now just fatigue is the biggest issue.

melissa stewart 8 years ago

must the ljworld publish every person who has died of H1N1?

Bobo Fleming 8 years ago

check with your local doctors office. I got my shot yesterday. Nurse told me the office had 150 doses and that there was little demand at her office. So check.

ferretpop 8 years ago

I think it is important to have deaths from H1N1 reported to the public.

I think it is important that the public be kept informed about the severity of this illness.

BUT I also think the public should also be informed about deaths and reactions to the Swine Flu Shot. Canada has reported:

"In the meantime, health authorities have called for the withdrawal of 170,000 (higher risk) doses of the vaccine produced by GlaxoSmithKline."

"Dr. Joel Kettner, Manitoba's chief public health officer, said Thursday that GlaxoSmithKline has asked that the October batch be taken out of circulation because it produced serious and immediate anaphylactic reactions in one out of 20,000 vaccinations, compared with one out of 100,000 in other shipments.

"We've been asked by the manufacturer GSK to not use this vaccine at this time pending further investigation," he said. (Winnipeg Free Press, 20 November 2009)"

"The news reports have highlighted deaths allegedly resulting from the H1N1 flu, while obfuscating several recorded deaths resulting directly from the vaccine. These vaccine related deaths are occurring at the very outset of the vaccination program,

According to CTV News, 20 November 2009) "The province is currently investigating two deaths -- both adults who died within seven days of getting the H1N1 shot" (Family questions if H1N1 shot caused Manitoba woman's death, November 20, 2009, emphasis added).

Manitoba officials acknowledge 69 "adverse events" after people received the swine flu shot, including the two deaths. ( report, 17 November 2009) "

The public should be aware of both sides of this health issue.

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