Baldwin City teen detained for bringing loaded gun and knife to school

A 15-year-old Baldwin High School student was detained Thursday for bringing a loaded gun to school.

Interim Police Chief Greg Neis said school officials were checking out a report that the student was carrying a knife to use during a fight after school. The teen was searched, a knife was found and police were called, Neis said.

As police were responding, school officials also learned that the teen had a firearm, and another searched ensued. But Neis said a 14-year-old male student had removed the gun from the 15-year-old’s locker and put it in his because he didn’t want the older boy to get into trouble.

Neis said the 15-year-old told police he brought the gun to school.

The gun was a semiautomatic .45-caliber pistol. There were several rounds in the magazine, but there wasn’t one in the chamber, Neis said.

The 15-year-old was detained on charges of possession of a knife and taking a firearm to school. Neis said the 14-year-old also had a knife. He was released to his father and not arrested.

School Superintendent Paul Dorathy said both teens have been suspended. He was pleased how the situation was handled.

“No threats were made,” Dorathy said. “The good thing is it got dealt with and didn’t end up differently.”

The 15-year-old was taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Lawrence.