100 years ago: Former KU professor commits suicide

From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 19, 1909: A member of the chemistry department of the University of Illinois took poison and killed himself yesterday because he could not endure the petty annoyances of married life. The crying of a baby apparently so wrought on his mind that he left home three times a day rather than be disturbed at meals by the child. The Illinois community was surprised to find him at a hotel during meal-times rather than at home. He is a former Kansas University man whose body will be returned here for services. The professor had reached high attainments in his chosen science and was out of any kind of debt. . . . Street cars are running to the university and the Mississippi Street line opened to Adams Street last night. Cars are now running up the hill to the steps of the law buiding. A carload of special electric equipment and other material needed to complete and refine the service arrived here today. There have been some power problems but none that cannot be worked out. . . . Another fine bank statement has been released and the Merchants National Bank and Merchants Loan and Savings Bank have total assets just $33,000 short of $1 million.