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Downtown shoppers can help United Way

November 14, 2009


Some merchants in downtown Lawrence will be collecting donations today for the United Way of Douglas County.

At least 10 downtown businesses are participating in the “Get Downtown and Live United” customer campaign. Customers of the businesses will be invited to contribute to the annual United Way campaign by rounding up their purchases, adding 10 percent to their total purchases or dropping their loose change into collection boxes at cash registers.

Proceeds will go to the annual campaign that assists 24 United Way partner agencies.

Participating merchants include Blue Dandelion, Eccentricity Boutique, Jock’s Nitch Sporting Goods, Kizer Cummings Jewelers, Lawrence Antique Mall, Milton’s, Stitch On Needlework Shop, Third Planet, White Chocolate and Winfield House.


Steve Miller 8 years, 7 months ago

How about having the city donate 10% of the parking fees for the week ? That would show the spirit of cooperation and dedication to united way.

bluerain 8 years, 7 months ago

I would rather give out money directly to the economically disadvantaged than to the United Way. The money that is raised by the United Way usually goes to local organizations for various reasons, operational cost, administration, etc. Take a look around the United Way and the agencies within the building. How many employees do you see within the building that are minorities from this country? One! Does the United Way or any of the organizations that it funds within it's building really practice equal opportunity? The fact that only One American minority is employed within the United Way building provides the answer. White preference hiring appears to be the common practice among the organizations established within the United Way and across Lawrence, with the exception of the service industry. The service industry takes advantage of minorities, especially those with green cards from Mexico. No way am I donating to the United Way until they and the agencies within their building start to hire minorities that were born in this country.

Steve Miller 8 years, 7 months ago

Or the city could allocate some of the excess moneys that was used for bonuses.

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