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Bank issues warning of e-mail scam

November 14, 2009


A Lawrence bank is warning people about an e-mail scam asking customers for their debit card information.

Peoples Bank is encouraging customers and others not to respond to any e-mail they receive that indicates a bank account has been suspended for security reasons.

You should contact the bank if you’re suspicious about any e-mails or Web sites claiming to be from Peoples Bank, a bank Web alert said.


Jake Esau 8 years, 6 months ago

No bank will ever ask a customer for any kind of account information including account numbers, passwords, or contact info via e-mail.

Evan Ridenour 8 years, 6 months ago

I would like to expand on what Jake said in the above post. No company that is handling personal information will send it or ask for it to be sent via email. It is not just limited to banks, never... EVER respond to these kinds of requests via email because any large company that supposedly has sent you one never would and the email is fraudulent.

There are two main reasons for this (but there are many more):

  1. The origin of an email can be misleading due to weaknesses in the protocol used (I can make an email look like it came from anywhere I want by modifying the information contained in the header). This is assuming that this is even necessary for manipulating the average computer user into giving their personal information away, in my experience the vast majority of users don't even double check the origin of the email anyways.

  2. Emails are not encrypted. If they are intercepted, which can and does happen, it is plain text that takes zero time to just pop open and read.

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