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November 7, 2009


University Bridge Club announces results of its Oct. 31 meeting, with hosts Florence McNicoll, Alice Akin, Virginia Williams and Lois Liebert.

Blue winners were George Bocquin, first; Bebe Huxtable, second; Roz Zimmerer, third; Donna Gatts, fourth; and Dale Kring, fifth.

Pink winners were Janet Dunn, first; Carol Smith, second; Karen Zimmerer, third; Wanda Kring, fourth; and Jane Golden, fifth.

The Wednesday Afternoon Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on Oct. 28 was directed by Chris Lane. North-South winners were Dianne Childs and Judy Hildreth, first in A; Ann Thompson and Gary Joyce, second in A, and first in B and C; Mona Bell and Charles Hedges, third in A and second in B; Betty Collier and Klee Zaricky, fourth in A and third in B; and Margrete Hartman and Virginia Johnston, second in C.

East-West winners were Paul Heitzman and David Piro, first in A; Mark Osborn and Lois Clark, second in A and first in B; Madelyn Jenks and Virginia Seaver, third in A; Eldon Herd and Shari Krentzel, fourth in A and second in B; Yvonne Hedges and Sally Taylor, third in B; Marilyn Martin and Jack Flickinger, first in C; and Nita Scales and Jan O’Connor, second in C.

The Thursday Morning Mentor Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on Oct. 29 was directed by Lester Dalton. Winners were Barbara McCorkle and Debbie Bettinger, first; Virginia Seaver and Becky Mullins, second; Earle Core and Dick Shaffer, third; Jean Khatib and Patricia Lechtenberg, fourth; and Chris Lane and Barbara Figgins, fifth.

The Monday Evening Duplicate Bridge Club’s game on Nov. 2 was directed by Virginia Seaver. North-South winners were Lester Dalton and Christopher Kulig, first in A and B; Eleanor Patton and Brian Sims, second in A and B, and first in C; Chris Lane and Virginia Seaver, third in A; and Bill Allen and Kent McCullough, third in B.

East-West winners were Grant Sutton and David Piro, first in A; Steven Vossler and James Masilamani, second in A; John Fittell and Adelaide Nyquist, third in A, and first in B and C; and Patrick Musick and Jolene Andersen, second in B.

The North-East Unit of the American Contract Bridge League held its semi-annual bridge tournament Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 at the Lawrence Holidome. Attendees were from Kansas and five adjoining states, plus one person from Morocco.

Two hundred and thirty participants won events or placed high enough to earn master points. Local bridge players were well represented, with Ed Howard placing first in master points earned; Steve Vossler, seventh; Craig Huneke, 13th; John Turner, 18th; Paul Heitzman, 19th; and Lois Clark, 21st.

Also earning master points were: Grant Sutton, Mark Osborn, Jeremy Martin, Jim Zhang, Eldon Herd, Emily Foster, Jean Otney, Catherine Blumenfeld, Mona Bell, Carol Ball, Mary Treece, Madelyn Jenks, Nita Scales, Marilyn Martin, Shirley Reese, Eleanor Patton, Bobby Patton, Virginia Eddy, Charles Hedges, Jack Flickinger, Dick Shaffer, Yvonne Hedges, Adelaide Nyquist, Jean Khatib, Donna Johnson, Earle Core, Albert Ballard, Virginia Johnston, Barbara McCorkle, Betty Collier, Angie Davidson, Patrick Musick, Sally Taylor, Klee Zaricky, John Hickey, Janet O’Connor, Chris Lane, Judy Bevan, Patricia Lechtenberg, Gary Joyce, Wanna Roszel, Lynette Forbes, Dave Chipman, Brad Wertz, Brad Ellis, Bebe Huxtable, Ray Chao, Ozzie Backus and Don Brennaman.


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