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Reesing deserves courtesy

November 6, 2009


Speculation continues about how many of its four remaining games the Kansas University football team will win. The immediate emphasis should be on bagging that first ONE. End the current slump, now three losses deep, then there might be a reason to discuss a 7-5 or better record and a decent bowl game.

For now, the wheels seem to be coming off the wagon.

These Jayhawks stand a good chance to be beaten Saturday by Kansas Staters who three weeks ago didn’t seem to have much hope of a win. The Wildcats have found a dangerous quarterback in Grant Gregory, who got untracked enough to give the vaunted Oklahoma defense heavy grief. KSU features a consistent running back in Daniel Thomas, can call on a solid pass receiver in Jeron Mastrud and has improved its defense to the point it can bedevil inconsistent Kansas. Then, Bill Snyder has the savvy to outcoach Mark Mangino, a former assistant, for a crucial occasion like this.

There’s a mighty stiff challenge for a floundering KU team showing frazzles around the edges, partly because of a foolish situation involving quarterback Todd Reesing and coach Mangino.

Reesing was lifted in favor of Kale Pick in the final stages of the loss at Texas Tech last week. Todd indicated he’d had groin-injury trouble since the Colorado game. If that’s so, give the kid a break and let it be known so he doesn’t have to speak up as if he’s looking for an alibi for uncharacteristic fumbles and interceptions. To hell with this no-injury-report nonsense.

If Todd was yanked strictly because of poor play, the coach should say so. If he was, indeed, playing hurt, the coach should elaborate. If Mangino benched Reesing to keep him from getting hurt in a losing cause, explain it. Peeved by his attitude? Address the issue with some semblance of caring.

Mangino didn’t do himself any favors by maintaining his Great Stone Face and apparently not even discussing the situation with a puzzled Reesing. As much good as Todd has done Mangino and Co. and KU, he deserves better than it appears Mangino gave him. Player support seems solid.

Mangino’s accomplishments aren’t yet monumental enough that he can employ that Bear Bryant “chairman of the board” approach and arrogantly decline to deal directly with young men he says he admires. They deserve better. After all, it’s the athletes, bottom-line, who create a climate to award a coach a long-term contract at some $3 million a year. There’s been too much secrecy too often about the KU operation. When it engulfs dedicated kids the caliber of Reesing, there’s a need for a stiff injection of humanity and compassion.

Snyder made the closed-door philosophy work at K-State his first 17 years, but such a policy creates only ill will here when a star player with Reesing’s credentials gets rag-dolled by cloak-and-dagger treatment.

KU and KSU coaches and players try to sell us that Saturday’s matchup is not a season-breaker for either team, but it is. Needless distractions can be damaging. Except that players have a way of thumbing their noses at coaches and winning in spite of them.

Don’t think that Reesing and Co. aren’t capable of that, not only for the K-State game but for the next three, too. If the coaches want to ride along, all well and good. Could be fun.


Jim Williamson 8 years, 7 months ago

I am simply amazed that so many think this is such a huge deal. Seriously.

if this rattles Reesing that badly, and if his skin's that thin, then he's not half the competitor I think he is.

kef104 8 years, 7 months ago


The article is not about Reesing. It is about a coach who does not know how to communicate to players that literally saved his job and apparently has forgotten how to maintain morale and a winning atmosphere. Treating players/people like they are useless peons will never generate success.

Todd Reesing is an amazing person. He has shown class, dedication, and kept a level head in a quite public fishbowl. If we win at K-state, it is due to his efforts despite what Mangino believes.

kthxbi 8 years, 7 months ago

gets rag-dolled by cloak-and-dagger treatment.

What does that mean? I'm gonna cloak and dagger all over your ragdoll. I will ragdoll your cloak and dagger. Yes I will.

USASTEELE 8 years, 7 months ago

What an article to read before such a huge rivalry. Maybe write something positive for us, AND THE TEAM to read instead of an opinion that creates turmoil. Bill does this too much and THAT is my opinion!

Armen Kurdian 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm on the rag wearing a cloak holding a dagger in a KSU doll.

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