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100 years ago: One of the oldest homes in Kansas burns

November 6, 2009


From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 6, 1909: The Hunt home on West Elliot Street, one of the landmarks of the town, burned this morning due to a defective flue. The home was built in 1857 in a grove of trees on a hillside and was one of the very oldest homes in Kansas. . . . Georgians already are booming William Howard Taft for a second term as president. He succeeded Theodore Roosevelt as a Republican in the 1908 elections. Taft is visiting Georgia in a vast tour of the country. . . . The street car company and the university have again agreed on service to the campus after some changes were suggested in the first agreement. . . . County Sunday School workers are to hold a two-day meeting at Vinland. We hear an interesting program has been planned. . . . Another old well was discovered this morning and nearly cost the life of Wes Reading and the big black delivery horse he was driving. He was working in North Lawrence and did not see a well opening that had not been properly marked. The two pitched into the hole and both Reading and the horse are lucky to be alive. There must be marking of all open wells like this.


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