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Tisdale on hand for net cutting

May 16, 2009


Wayman Tisdale always will be remembered as a bit player in one of the ugliest incidents in the history of Kansas University’s Allen Fieldhouse.

Tisdale, who died Friday at the age of 44, was among several Oklahoma University basketball players who cut down the nets in the KU arena following a victory over the Jayhawks.

KU fans who were there will never forget the temerity of the Sooners on that late February night in 1984 after OU had posted a 92-82 overtime victory and clinched at least a tie for the Big Eight regular-season title.

“They’re a great team,” first-year KU coach Larry Brown said. “I wish they acted like a great team. I’ve never seen a team cut down the nets on a visiting court.”

But the net snippage was just part of the Sooners’ shabby shtick.

With only eight seconds remaining in the OT and the Sooners leading, 92-80, OU coach Billy Tubbs called a timeout with the apparent purpose of rubbing the KU’s fans’ noses in it.

During that break, OU players and coaches waved at the crowd — some reportedly using the derisive middle-finger gesture — and a few of the fans responded by throwing ice and cups on the floor.

Mark Turgeon, now coach at Texas A&M; and then a KU freshman guard, summed up the Jayhawks’ feelings when he called the Sooners’ antics “ridiculous.”

The controversial Tubbs, meanwhile, offered no apologies for his and his players’ behavior, insinuating the KU fans deserved it for the way he had been treated while waiting to do a halftime interview on the regionally televised game.

“I got whomped up the side of the head five or six times,” Tubbs told the Daily Oklahoman newspaper. “I got spit on. I got water and Coke and I don’t know what all else thrown at me.”

Tubbs, who also complained about the poor Allen Fieldhouse security, ended his diatribe by saying: “Some of those people ought to have been hauled down to the county jail.”

Kansas officials were as furious about Tubbs’ security remarks as they were about the Sooners’ overtime and post-game deportment, stressing that six officers — three in plainclothes — were assigned to the visiting team.

A few days later, Oklahoma won the Big Eight title outright, and guard Tim McCalister said: “We know were the most hated team in the Big Eight.”

Few begged to differ, but the Sooners would receive a comeuppance, and soon. Following their hijinks at Kansas, Brown had said, “The world is round,” meaning that what goes around comes around.

Sure enough, less than three weeks later, KU and Oklahoma met again in the championship game of the Big Eight tournament at Kansas City’s Kemper Arena. Final score: Kansas 79, Oklahoma 78.

Then, four years later, Brown and the KU faithful enjoyed the ultimate atonement when the underdog Jayhawks shocked Tubbs’ Sooners, 83-79, in the NCAA championship game, also at Kemper Arena.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 9 years ago

Why in the world does Woodling use Tisdale's death as prompt for repeating this whining story?

somebodynew 9 years ago

Well, I agree bozo - this certainly shouldn't be the time to bring up such a story. Granted it did happen and was tasteless, but obviously Tisdale was a much better person than this story leads one to believe.

monkeyhawk 9 years ago

Below is a more appropriate story on a basketball great, as well as a jazz great.

wysiwyg69 9 years ago

woodling was retired I thought so they can't really fire him but they could shut him up

Joe Hyde 9 years ago

I wouldn't call Mr. Woodling's story disrespectful at all. Wayman Tisdale was such a dynamic, fantastic basketball player that for many of us the news of his death brings back a flood of memories from the days when he played for the Sooners.

It can be fairly argued that Wayman Tisdale and OU coach Billy Tubbs are the two people most responsible for the sudden rise in success, power ratings, respect and recruiting that Big 8 teams suddenly began enjoying, and Big 12 teams enjoy today still.

The sheer dominance of Oklahoma's teams during Tisdale's college career came as a shock to all the Big 8 teams. With Tisdale, the Sooners didn't defeat opposing teams, they pulverized them. Games in which OU scored 100+ points were commonplace. So many overwhelming wins combined with the then-irksome, high-profile "Sooner attitude" galvanized the basketball programs of KU and every other Big 8 school.

Without Wayman Tisdale and OU coach Billy Tubbs there might never have been a coach at KU named Larry Brown. Or Roy Williams. Or Bill Self. There might never have been a player named Danny Manning play at Kansas. Oklahoma's teams in the Tisdale/Tubbs era pushed other leage teams to the wall, and they did that with a ferocity that compelled all the rest of the leage's programs to either fight back or die.

Tisdale and Tubbs hauled Big 8 Basketball kicking and screaming into the modern era. Acknowledging the historical impact -- and the emotional impact -- of these two men does not amount to disrespect. To me, Mr. Woodling's story is an honest look back in time, a look that helps explain why KU's program and other league programs responded so swiftly to the sudden appearance of a "super team" in its midst.

kim7654321 9 years ago

Perhaps unintentionally, Mr. Woodling, you say virtually nothing about Wayman Tisdale, but convey much about yourself. You reveal yourself to be a vindictive person willing to exploit the untimely death of a much loved and repected man in order to rehearse old grudges. In fairness, you admit that Mr. Tisdale was a "bit player" in the incident you describe, but you omit his well-deserved reputation throughout years in the NBA as an extraordinarily good sport and a model human being. You unashamedly ride the coattails of a famous good man in order to malign his name and memory. Yes, we have indeed learned a great deal about your character.

shelbym 9 years ago

Wow. One of the all-time greats of college basketball leaves us at the incredibly young age of 44 years and this reporter relates a story from 25 years ago. Wayman, then 19, participated in a Billy Tubbs-led, tasteless antic after an unbelievable win. Assume this reporter must have never taken a Journalism Ethics course. This reporter's level of humanity surely falls woefully short of most Kansas Jayhawks. I feel sorry for this reporter that he is so small and common. A prayer will be said tomorrow for the reporter and the paper that would publish such a awful article the day after someone as wonderful as Wayman succumbs to cancer. I would ask that Coach Self use this instance as a teaching moment for the current team.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years ago

Hey, Chuck, did you have a bad night??? By this story, you do nothing to promote sports reporting, but you do a lot to elevate the art of "poisoining the well" with your journalistic trash. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your vindictive attitudes and be banished to reporting gossip.

Rickyonealku 9 years ago

To Mr. Chuck Woodling just who is your boss???

If you worked for me this would be your last article.

klw1 9 years ago


rwhinckley 9 years ago

Tubbs could certainly be a jerk, there is no denying that. However, I’m not aware of anything he’s ever done that was as low class as Woodling and the Lawrence Journal World for running this story the day after Wayman Tisdale passed away.

ponderos 9 years ago

This story and the timing of it is maybe the most classless thing I've ever seen. I can't believe you're as old as you are because this article reeks of some immature college student who wasn't even alive in the 80s.

You should be fired yesterday and issue an apology to the Tisdale family.

morgan33 9 years ago

Shame on the Chuck Woodling, the author of this article for The writing techniques used by the author are are a flagrant misuse of search engine optimisation techniques designed to divert Google search trafffic on the news of Wayman Tisdale's death to his article on this website. Shame on you.

somebodynew 9 years ago

MD- yes, I wonder that too, and think how poorly it will reflect on Kansas once again. We know we get put there often for "policical" beliefs and going-ons, now for something like this.

As someone said earlier, had he expanded on the article and included the great accomplishments Tisdale has made since then, it might not be so bad. But the way this is presented, is just terrible.

ponderos 9 years ago

I wonder how long before this hits the national fan blades.

Approximately now.

sdcloud9 9 years ago

Mr. Woodling,

I can't believe that a professional journalist would be so insensitive toward the loss of one of the finer human beings to ever grace the planet.

Tisdale was one of the best in the world in two endeavors (music and basketball), I guess you are still trying to be good at one.

Joe717 9 years ago

Stay classy Kansas. Great write on the eve of a death by a great man. Who ever wrote this should be fired.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

"Stay classy Kansas."

Seriously, after 20 comments denouncing this article, why would you think this is representative of Kansas?

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

I don't follow sports/basketball much, and this is the first I've ever heard of Tisdale.

when I read the article I was shocked that Woodling basically took the occasion of this man's death to trash him by association.

wonder what Woodling was doing when he was 19?

peacebo 9 years ago

Obviously this Woodling pseudo journalist character is an insensitive jerk. Doesn't seem to have advanced very far in journalism circles over the years either. Can't imagine why not. The sad thing is that he reflects badly on KU when he has no connection to KU. RIP to Wayman Tisdale---an exceptional human being.

Joe717 9 years ago

My apologies.

I read the article which already had my blood pressure up, then when I went to down too make a comment, take a look at the comment just above my previous.

"tubbs was a thug, as was all of his players .. tisdale included. just because he died doesn't make him any less of a thug."

TopJayhawk 9 years ago

I can't believe that this was published. A total lack of class.

slarv 9 years ago

Not a single positive thing to say about one of the most positive people this country has been blessed to have known? Nothing nice at all to say about a person who has been praised from all parts of the country upon his death? Nothing about the gold medal he helped win for his country while displaying grace, class, and positive values? What Mr Tisdale did as a 19 year old member of a team, is nothing compared to what an embarassment you are to our city, state, and country.

troymccawley 9 years ago

I registered for a newspaper i could give a rat about to comment on this article. Wayman may not have been Perfect but this was absolutely disgraceful. Wayman was a hero to me growing up and did it the right way. First time i have EVER heard anyone call Wayman a thug. I typically ignore journalist that have no couth, but this guy takes the cake. I always assumed with age people get wiser. I feel sorry for this old fool of a man. Not only is his wisdom lacking but his integrity is non existent. THE LJWORLD should be held just as accountable as this man. Your apologies are deserved as well!

God Bless you Wayman!

SoupBone 9 years ago

This article is truly pathetic. I am ashamed to be a Lawrence resident today.

jaywalker 9 years ago

I was at the game in question, my freshman year at KU. OU's behavior was nothing but classless, but that stands to reason with Tubbs as coach. Unfortunately, Mr. Woodling, this piece stoops even lower than that incident. A man passes away after a two year battle with cancer and you feel it's a good time to reminsce about that day? I'm always proud to say I'm a KU grad and fan, particularly in regards to our sports teams and how fans conduct themselves. This article is akin to a KU fan dropping his pants and running drunk across the floor in a nationally televised game. To any Tisdale or OU fans, please know that we're just as disgusted as you with this amateurish and pathetic piece.

rgh 9 years ago

I thought this was going to be some great article about an amazing person in Wayman who fought his life courageously. This was a waste of space and time.

I'm not from the Lawrence area and do not read particular person's articles, but this is a horrible article. Who the heck cares about Billy Tubbs and his tirade at this point in history? Everyone know Billy's a jerk, but Waymon was coming off a great inspirational story of courage who left behind a wife and children after having both legs amputated due to cancer. Despite having played at OU and for Billy Tubbs, Waymon was a great individual who was God fearing and will have a place in heaven with no further pain. God bless!

daddax98 9 years ago

Mr. Woodling---

countless 40+ point football beatings at the hands of the cornhuskers, the terry allen era, choking during march madness even suing that little school over our logo script. i have never once been ashamed to be a Jayhawk, today you have sullied all of us. You could have written this when the Sooners come to town with no mention of Tisdale, but you choose to write it now, disgusting, apologize for writing this article

vr 9 years ago

The writer is embarrassing to himself, the paper, and Lawrence. But the real error in judgment is with the editor who made the call that this was ok to run both in print and online. Hopefully some accountability exists here, someone deserves to lose their job.

somebodynew 9 years ago

jkealing - I don't expect you to comment, but hope that you are taking note since you monitor these forums and will pass all this on to the people "in charge". That is the least you can do.

I know it would be better for everyone to write a letter, but you and I both know that isn't going to happen. So please be dilligent and let the editors know about the reaction to this story.

I have read Chuck for numerous years and have like some columns and disagreed with some of the columns, but this one is just beyond comprehension for me. There comes a time when everyone should retire and since he is in partial retirement, now might be the time for him to completely leave the paper business.

SoonerMagic 9 years ago

As a Sooner fan I find this article to be insensitive and disgusting. The Jayhawk community should be ashamed to have an association with this writer.

The Jayhawk community, however, can very proud of the comments posted by Jayhawks calling this article trash. Thank you Jayhawk fans.

jwo23 9 years ago

"tubbs was a thug, as was all of his players .. tisdale included"

Clearly the D-bag that posted this has never met Tisdale and probably was one of the many Jayhawks displaying just as little class as Tubbs did that day. I was at the game. I was 10 years old decked out in my Sooner gear. Long before Tubbs pulled his antics the Jayhawk crowd was egging it on and truly an embarrassment to college athletics. Tubbs brought this on himself because of his history of poor behavior I won't deny that. I have since been to Lawerence for many games, football and basketball, and the fans have always been some of the most gracious in the league. But Tubbs wasn't the only guilty party that night. Both sides showed little class. Both sides of the story should be told. The man who wrote this article as well as the one who posted the above quote prove that "the losers live forever but the good die young." People don't get any better than Wayman Tisdale and for you to say differently shows your lack of intelligence.

possibleusername 9 years ago

woodley's article and it's timing are inexcusable, and any editor above him who knew of the article before going to press is just as pathetically soulless.

the classless behavior of ALL associated with the article's printing puts the actions of anyone who was actually IN the article to shame.

woodley and his editors are complicit punks today and there is zero case against that fact.

ozaudioman 9 years ago

Chuck, you're one sick SOB...People like you can go to hell...Thankfully, there you will never see Waymon again.

                               Signed, Anyone of the human race.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

I have also struggled with posting on this. I don't know how Wayman lived the rest of his very short life (so so so sad to die so young) - was this one of the biggest highlights of his life? Would he be proud that this is how Mr. Woodling remembered him?

For me, had you added text on what he'd done since then, focusing on the highlights of his non-ku experiences and pulling out some of this article so it wasn't quite so, whatever the word would be, then this would have been a better (not bitter) pill to swallow.

Jhawk85 9 years ago

Now it's time for your true colors to come out Chuck. It's quite evident the KU community is extremely disappointed with your article. Now it's time to be a man and submit a formal apology for your actions.

It's difficult to imagine how a person of your status can write an article of this nature. You've been in the journalism business for several decades..... Have you never taken a journalism ethics course?

Be a man!!!! Write the apology!!!

ponderos 9 years ago

Publisher/Editor Dolph C. Simons Jr. 832-7122

General Manager Al Bonner 832-7233

Anderson, Dennis Managing Editor 832-7194

Kealing, Jonathan Online Editor 832-7221

Keegan, Tom Sports Editor 832-7147

cjclarke42 9 years ago

And then people wonder why newspapers are swirling around the toilet hole. Congratulations to you Chuck Woodley. You are now the face of incompetent, overpaid, whiny sportswriters whose jobs are archaically irrelevant. Good luck in your future endeavors Chuck, because after reading this no one will ever want to read anything by you ever again, if nothing else but for spite alone. Mr. Woodley can be reached on his office line at 785-832-6348. He will be cleaning out his office today and will begin his job search tomorrow. He could use your help.

cjclarke42 9 years ago

Everyone who played a part in this article's creation should be fired immediately. This was done solely for shock value tactics as a way to get more viewers through "search engine manipulation." I would strongly encourage readers to boycott this publication until an official apology is issued and/or Mr. Woodley's resignation is submitted. In a day where newspapers barely have a pulse, I would think newspapers would be doing their best to entertain their readers, not insult them. Mr. Woodley is yet another in a long line of "journalists" who think people want to listen to them whine all day. This publication can definitely do better for a cheaper price.

N8iveSooner 9 years ago

I just can't believe the LJWorld staff would even let this article be printed. Talk about a total lack of respect for a great man and his family!

Eric Neuteboom 9 years ago

Here's a more appropriate tribute:

How sad it is that this great man is gone. We should all be so lucky as to have someone like him in our lives.

Uncle_Muscles 9 years ago

Dear Chuck,

What the hell is wrong with you?


Everyone Ever.

cjclarke42 9 years ago

As someone else pointed out earlier, this was a thinly-veiled attempt by Chuck to capitalize on the recent death of Mr. Tisdale by including his name in the story despite being otherwise irrelevant to Mr. Woodley's crybaby article. Since "Wayman Tisdale" is one of the more-searched names on Google right now, Chuck thought he'd include his name in this article so people would link to his article/rant.

bixbyfellow 9 years ago

The Lawrence Journal, my bad. I hope he learns his lesson from this article. I'm sure there will be a big-time talking to. That was pretty bad.

Johnny Gibson 9 years ago

I just want to add myself to the list of Jayhawk fans that are disassociating themselves with this article. There is nothing of value in it, and the timing is just wrong!

bixbyfellow 9 years ago

As an OU fan, Billy Tubbs could be a big a$$ to say the least. He showed many classless moments but Wayman was solid and there is no denying that.

dmitch86 9 years ago

"I have lived in Lawrence for 40 years," Chuck said, "and no one ever lets me forget I went to MU, even though I spent just two years of my life there."

Oh geez, I wonder why, you bitter old codger

classclown 9 years ago

Jhawk85 (Anonymous) says…

Have you never taken a journalism ethics course?


Hahaha... As if such a thing exists.

Maybe at one time there was such a thing, but if there ever was, that went out the window long ago.

Nowadays "journalism ethics" is nothing more than an oxymoron.

jaywalker 9 years ago

For all who want the LJW staff to hear you on this matter, scroll to the very bottom and next to the line click on Feedback. Submitted my objection last night.

bixbyfellow 9 years ago

Bye God we still have tours in Bixby! How bout I put a couple of pot nots on your head?

bangaranggerg 9 years ago

Don't bother calling them telling them to fire Chuck, just call everyone who advertised on this website and tell them to pull their advertising. I hope this article is mentioned in Woodling's Obit.

JS82 9 years ago

Chuck have you lost your mind? Would you want someone trashing you for all the lame articles you have written after you die? You need to apologize not only to the Journal World readers but to his family for this column or please stop writing so we don't have to read this drivel!

HalsteadHawk 9 years ago

Go back where you came from, missouri trash. This is one of your worst articles ever, and that is saying a lot because you have a long list of crappy articles.

soonerstan56 9 years ago

I heard discussion of this story on local sports radio and dismissed it as a bunch of "homers" not liking the "slant" of a writer because of the paper he worked for. After reading the article all I can say is "WTF"! The writer uses the occasion of the mans death in the headline and then says he was a "bit player" in an obvious grudge that the writer is still bitter about. This happened 25 years ago! As a Sooner fan I still hate the loss in the final game to KU in '88, but I would never use the passing of Danny Manning as an excuse to mention it! All of the KU fans I have met are great people and support their team through thick and thin. I really have a hard time believing this writer is a true KU fan.


jklo 9 years ago

What an absolute outrage this is. Spitting on someone's grave by telling a story that they (somewhat) participated in is the lowest and most classless way of remembering someone's life. The incident itself is completely beside the point, this Woodling guy had to be out of his mind as a professional journalist. The Blogging Universe has gotten a bad name for this type of "humor" or "reflection" on the days events, but for a forum like the LJ, I had to look twice because I couldn't believe my eyes. The writer should be ashamed of himself -- thanks for laying negative memories on somebody's casket. Classy move.

MR_L 9 years ago

This is a big load of stuff. I can't believe he thought to write this garbage and attach a great man's name to it. Talk about writer's block. What's sad is I am sure he was a writer back then and already wrote a story about the incident back then. But to lure everyone to the story by the title is the saddest part.

haskellgrad 9 years ago

For someone who wrote a story on a basketball team's lack of class, how classless is it to write this story on the day after Tisdale's death?

The LJWorld probably wants this issue to just go away ... that's why they haven't responded publicly.

wisk2 9 years ago

Powers that be,

Chuck is an embarrassment to your readership, the paper, and the KU community. I'm sure there is a recent J-school grad who would be willing and able to step in for this worn out old joke.

odstudent 9 years ago

Typical for an indulgent insentient trapped for over 20 years in his own mire. He asserts that KU fans who were there will never forget -- me thinks he has overstepped his boundary to speak on others' behalf. The authentic Tisdale manifested in how he lived his life -- regardless of Woodling-ian mean spirited biases. Wayman was uber-successful in two of the most competitive careers. On the other hand, Woodling finally manifested his stuck in the '80s mindset via public confession. Too bad Woodling did not look to see how Tisdale lived his life to the fullest, doing good all along the way (not perfect, but good). Perhaps Woodling could free himself by seeing all that Wayman accomplished beyond a one-time act of youthful exhuberance and seek to be all that he can be -- as Wayman did.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

whats the matter, you sleepin' LS04?

you and I usually disagree most intensely. but not on this one!

kinda made me wonder if Woodling is on medication to prevent worsening of Alzheimers.

no excuse.

flowered_wallpapaer 9 years ago

Wow, so a freshman All-American celebrated a conference title with his team on a visiting court. What a travesty!

And using Mark Turgeon for a quote on sportsmanship is laughable. He proudly mocked the Oklahoma basketball team as an assistant after winning the '88 final. And if you're going to use the paying them back argument, then I'd say you have to give Tubbs a pass to begin with.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

Thank you Coach Eric for posting the link to the Tulsa paper. It appears Mr. Tisdale did do lots of cool things with his life. He will indeed by missed in this crazy world.

Eric Neuteboom 9 years ago

Glad you saw it Gootsie. I actually first heard of Tisdale years ago, but not as a professional athlete, rather as a musician.

Consider me among those who is livid that Chuck still has not apologized, and that the LJW staff has still failed to address the issue. I think I'll go hop on the "1,000,000 comment blog" and see if I can stir the pot over there.

AndyParrish 9 years ago

I just sent my letter to the editor. I think I'll make my contribution to the Wayman Tisdale Foundation ( in honor of Chuck Woodling. That should piss him off sufficiently.

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

I agree this story is in horrible taste. When someone dies, it is not the time to rehash past greviences. This is especially tacky when someone dies relatively young and of something as horrible as cancer.

Aileen Dingus 9 years ago

T_O_B - no kidding. Google "Tisdale Woodling" and pop the popcorn.

Embarrassing that several articles turned up in the search comment that Woodling is "an old Kansas homer" and a "dips**t from Kansas"

Um. Don't lump him in with me thanks. I don't claim him as a fellow Kansan. Although "dips**t" I'll give them.

DannyRoyWilliams 9 years ago

I'm very pleased to see so many Kansans defend the honor of Mr. Tisdale. The writer of this story, who doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph with the truly classy Tisdale, is apparently on his last leg as a writer. Having seen no apology for the defamation, I and many others truly hope the Journal will put integrity above the count of "clicks" and reassign him to posting scores and nothing more...

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

While they're at it, LJW and CW should offer the Tisdale family a letter of apology.

kgg2000 9 years ago

I went to school with Tisdale, at OU, in the early eighties . . . he was pile of "DUNG."

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

this is the link from the first part of this article. It is a nice article from KU Sports (in case you didn't link to it).

Jillster 9 years ago

My God -- the man isn't even in his grave yet, and Chuck Woodling is pissing on it.

Wayman Tisdale has not been nor will he always be remembered for his participation in that unfortunate incident, but you, Mr. Woodling, I will always remember for making this heartless attack on the memory of a great man.

I went to high school with Wayman...I wept when I heard of his passing. Words cannot express the anger and outrage that I feel upon reading your words.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

Imagine the jolly fun we can have on Woodling's obit.

soonernavyman 8 years, 12 months ago

How about that?I'm a fellow Bixbian myself go Spartans! To the KU faithful...We dont consider this in any way a representation of your fan base.And I'm almost always pulling for the Khawks if theyre not playing OU.God bless he blesses the world by giving us such people.

Jim Williamson 8 years, 11 months ago

"...wonder what Woodling was doing when he was 19?..."

Fighting in the Civil War.

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