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Archaeologist discusses HorseThief artifacts

May 13, 2009


— Artifacts dating back 1,000 years were uncovered in western Kansas during an archaeological dig that was required before work on a dam could begin.

The director of the Center for Archaeological Research at Missouri State University discussed the results of the April 2008 dig over the weekend in Jetmore, which is near the dig site.

Neal Lopinot said artifacts suggest the Buckner Creek area initially functioned as an overnight camp and later as a base camp or small hamlet.

Items uncovered in the dig included arrow points, hide-scraping tools and the remains of a small pit-like home.

Lopinot said the occupants lived primarily on bison and deer meat.

The dam being built in Hodgeman County will create the 440-surface-acre HorseThief Reservoir.


billbodiggens 9 years, 1 month ago

This "Horse Thief Canyon" thing is aptly named. It is whole sale theft by a bunch of Dodge City hotdogs. All it is is a Dodge City scam designed to get the surrounding counties to pay for a Dodge City economic development project and to pay for a reservoir of Dodge City drinking water. Dodge City has been rationing water for a decade or more and it was only a matter of time before they started a water grab under the guise of recreation. Why else would they attempt to impound thousands of acre feet of water in western Kansas that somehow was never appropriated by anybody else and was just sitting there with nothing to do. Free and unappropriated water in western Kansas is an absolutely absurd concept. If you think the Topeka city commission is suspect, you have never tried to deal with Dodge City.

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