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Tiahrt picks up Senate endorsement from former U.S. House speaker

May 11, 2009


— Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has endorsed Kansas Congressman Todd Tiahrt’s bid for a Senate seat.

The Tiahrt campaign announced the endorsement Monday. Hastert, from Illinois, is the last Republican to have served as House speaker.

Tiahrt is running for the Republican nomination against fellow Congressman Jerry Moran. It’s likely to be the state’s hottest political race for 2010.

Tiahrt has represented the 4th District of south-central Kansas since 1995. Moran has represented the sprawling 1st District, which includes western Kansas, since 1997.

The Senate seat is open because Republican incumbent Sam Brownback is running for governor next year.

In a statement, Hastert called Tiahrt “a strong conservative leader.”


KansasVoter 7 years ago

Why would anyone accept the endorsement of a man who was forced to resign from Congress in disgrace?

BigDog 7 years ago

To be honest .... who really cares about these kinds of endorsements .... I mean the Former US House Speaker from Illinois .... people outside politics have no idea who the man is. If someone actually supports him because of this endorsement .... makes one wonder if we should have higher standards in allowing people to vote.

Does anyone from either party really care about endorsements from individuals outside the state whose name most people wouldn't recognize?

yourworstnightmare 7 years ago

Kansas needs to be reminded of how Tiahrt bungled the Boeing tanker plane deal that eventually went to the european Airbus company.

WilburM 7 years ago

Hastert had big problems with Moran on a couple of key votes (Medicare D, for example), and they never got along. Tiarht was always a loyal party supporter. This is no surprise at all, and basically meaningless.

Left_handed 7 years ago

Actually, nearly all conservative Republicans in the state know who Dennis Hastert is. Kinda the same way that they know that the current speaker of the house is Nancy Pelosi.

Kirk Larson 7 years ago

Everyone knows Hastert. He had that "youthful indiscretion" in his, what was it, thirties, forties?

BigDog 7 years ago

A better question will be ..... who from the Democratic Party is going to run against Tiahrt or Moran since Governor Sebelius isn't?

KansasVoter 7 years ago

Unfortunately, the real question is....... who from the republican party will switch sides to run against Tiahrt or Moran?

BigDog 7 years ago

That might be true .... not many Democrats with name recognition who are willing to challenge Tiahrt or Moran

Unless there is a state senator who is looking to gain some name recognition .... it is an opportunity to get their name out there without losing their current position,

straightforward 7 years ago

yourworstnightmare (Anonymous) says…

Kansas needs to be reminded of how Tiahrt bungled the Boeing tanker plane deal that eventually went to the european Airbus company.

Interestingly enough, nightmare used the exact same verb as this washington post article. The post seem to have a different take on whether Tiarht "bungled" the deal!

Bronze I think you may be confused with Barney Frank. You know, the guy who opposed any oversight of fannie and freddie. Both are overweight, middle-aged white men with irritable personalities.

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