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Celebrity chef offers advice inside, outside the kitchen

May 9, 2009


Celebrity chef Anna Mosesson, author of “Swedish Food and Cooking,” offered these 10 tips for cooking and living, while speaking recently to students in the College of Hospitality Management at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla.:

1. Hospitality is an important part of life. I want to inspire you to entertain. To learn how to entertain. Hospitality starts with cooking in the home. But entertaining isn’t just cooking, it’s also about the music and the love of being with people.

2. You can eat food prepared by a big staff in a big hotel, and it will have no taste. That’s because it’s prepared in huge quantities without love; there’s nothing to it. The chef has to be there and tell the people eating his food, “This is what I made. This is the ingredient I used to make it.” Let the people know. Put love in your food.

3. Food, even in restaurants, shouldn’t be perfect and uniform. It should look homemade.

4. I see a lot of young people getting take-away in this country. Or they rely on their mothers for their food. But what’s going to happen when their mothers are gone? They need to learn to cook, to throw parties. Having restaurants where most of the people do take-away not only spoils home cooking but leaves the restaurants empty and spoils them.

5. In a restaurant kitchen, the pastry chef is the most important person. About 90 percent of people end their meals with a pudding or tartlet, and that clinches the deal. The meat might not have been perfect, but when they walk away they remember that sweet, and they remember they had a good meal.

6. By listening to other people, you can be inspired.

7. I usually have a massive staff to clear up after me.

8. You have to follow your dreams. (In fact, it was a fortune teller who predicted Mosesson would leave her restaurants in London behind and move to Italy, where she’s become a food tour guide (scandelicioustours.

9. If you go big (when creating a restaurant) be sure to use someone else’s money who is involved and who doesn’t mind losing it.

10. I believe in foods and dishes that are easy.


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