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Kindergarteners learn a thing or two about banking

Bankers are getting the interest of Broken Arrow kindergarteners by teaching them about money.

May 4, 2009


On the street

When did you first learn about money?

My parents started me off on an allowance … and I learned if you buy the cheap toy, it’s going to break, so save your money and buy the better-quality toy later.

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Broken Arrow School kindergartners got their money’s worth in a lesson on banking.

The students learned the nuts and bolts of dollars and cents on Monday from Terri Pippert, a business banking officer from U.S. Bank.

“(We’re) teaching them the importance of savings and money and learning about loans,” she said. It’s part of a nationwide program called “Teach Children to Save.”

Here’s what some kindergartners know about money:

• Casurne’ Spates thinks a good allowance would be $2,000 a day for six days a week. “I want to save it,” she said.

• Maya Perez thinks $4,000 a week is a good allowance. She would “spend it” on a car, which would cost her $3,000.

• August Frace is about to get another visit from the Tooth Fairy. He gets $1 per tooth. “My mom just takes me to the store and I buy something,” he said.

• Curtis Kegin is saving up for a big purchase, but he finds the task — like a lot of grownups — difficult. “I like money. I think it’s cool. I want to buy (stuff), but I want to buy a Nintendo DS.”


Tony Kisner 9 years ago

For those more advanced kids in kindergarten. Here is how banking works - First load the board with friends and golfing buddies. In particular the compensation committee this is key as you will see later. Then set your salary low but include incentive bonuses and of course a change of control agreement. Kind of goes without saying even for kindergarten kids. Then borrow funds from the Fed pretty much for free and load up on brokered deposits. Buy a bunch of high yield bundled assets; no one will ever figure out what it is you put on the balance sheet. Get the quarterlys as high as possible so you get the bonuses from your pals on the compensation committee.Then as this all unravels and Obama makes B of A purchase your bank with the afore mentioned exit package you will be set for life.

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