Video documentary about Lawrence veteran who opposes the war to debut

A short video documentary about an Army veteran from Lawrence who spoke out against the War in Iraq will make its debut today.

The 15-minute film, titled “Baghdad, Kansas,” focuses on Mike Sanger, who organized war protests in Lawrence and the Kansas City area.

It was made by Ranjit Arab, a graduate student in journalism at Kansas University who created the video last year as part of his studies. He decided on Sanger as his subject after reading and seeing news media reports about him. The documentary includes interviews with Sanger, footage showing him returning his medals and volunteering to campaign for Barack Obama on Election Day.

“I just made a little sketch about him, what he’s gone through and what some veterans will be going through when they get back,” Arab said.

Arab said he chose the video’s title because it shows that Kansans are not isolated from what is happening overseas. It also conveys the sense that even though Sanger has returned to Kansas, Baghdad is never far behind, Arab said.

The video will be shown at 4 p.m. today in Room 1001 in KU’s Malott Hall. Arab also plans to put it on YouTube. The video showing is open to the public at no cost.

Arab has two previous documentaries on the issue of educating undocumented immigrants, “El Jardin” and “Interstate.”