USDA releasing dry milk to aid dairy farms

March 27, 2009


— The Agriculture Department said Thursday it was releasing 200 million pounds of nonfat dry milk in storage to feeding programs for low-income families, a move also designed to help dairy farmers.

Dairy farmers praised the decision, which could create more of a market for their products if the government decides to refill its milk inventories, thus helping maintain higher prices for dairy products.

In announcing the decision, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the goal was to increase support for low-income families and help dairy farmers dealing with high feed costs and low dairy prices.


number3of5 9 years, 2 months ago

There is nothing wrong with powdered milk. I use it for cooking and making chocolate milk all the time because it is a nonfat way that I can enjoy rich tasting milk by making it stronger by mixing in more powdered milk than the suggested amount to equal one quart. I also make yogurt from this and have a good quality lowfat yogurt that I can sweeten with splenda and flavor with my choice of fruits. If I planned to drink it, I would mix it half and half with 2% milk to get a better flavor.

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