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KU student reports robbery outside residence hall

Police are trying to track down four people who robbed a KU student early Friday morning.

March 27, 2009


A Kansas University student was hit on the head and robbed, police said, in what appears to be a random crime.

The incident happened at 4 a.m. Friday on the west side of McCollum Residence Hall, 1800 Engel Road, where the victim lives, the KU Public Safety Office said.

Police said the male victim told officials that he was approached by four men, who hit him on the head and took his wallet.

Officers are working to identify the suspects who left in a small, beige four-door car. Police said the victim did not indicate he knew the suspects.

Information about the crime should be reported to KU Crime Stoppers, at 864-8888.


Bob031800 5 years ago

That is freaky, I lived at McCollum when I went to KU in the late '90's. This kind of stuff never used to happen, and it seems to only be getting worse. I read that in 2000 there were 49 criminal assaults downtown, last year there were 250. I think the city leadership needs to get their heads out of the sand and start accepting that we have a real crime problem. It seems everyone wants to just pretend it's not happening and that we can still party like it's 1999.


compmd 5 years ago


The thugs will get worse.

That's why this city needs a DA who can act and a stronger police force.

So say we all!


OldEnuf2BYurDad 5 years ago

Are all the thugs discovering Lawrence for the first time? It's almost as if a light bulb went off in every thug's head at once (like the sleeper Cylons) and they all felt compelled to drive to Lawrence and perpetrate.


truth4once 5 years ago

maybe if captain bailey wasnt having adulterous sex on duty with the gf of a former unfairly fired excellent 18 year white ku police officers gf who they all lied about and fired this excellent white police officer for no darn good reason capt bailey could have been driving thru campus lots protecting his students, just as if ku chief ralph oliver also a black male would stop making anti white comments to his white employees he could have been out there protecting students and if white capt mark witt would concentrate on teh safety of ku students instead lying about,and harrassing and threatining this former white police offcier at his new job and on the ljworld web sites this crap on campus wouldnt happen. wake up ku, chancellor, ku human resources, ku ectect ect.....get good people in yer [police dept and tell them to quit lying to protect thier own mistakes.


Peace_be_with_you 5 years ago

Gunshots? Robberies? What is this town coming to???? Are they trying to impress the basketball and football recruits?


navajojoe 5 years ago

Gunshot? Robbery? What town coming to???? They try impress basketball / football recruits?


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