Questions and reponses from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce poll about a proposed coal power plant

Following are questions and results from a poll commissioned and released by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. The statewide survey of 600 voters was conducted March 17-19 by Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Associates, according to the chamber.

1. What is the most important issue facing Kansas today?

• Economy, 30 percent

• Jobs/Industry, 18 percent

• Budget, 10 percent

• Moral issues, 5 percent

• Health care/Insurance, 5 percent

• Leadership, 4 percent.

2. Do you favor or oppose allowing the building of a new electrical power plant that uses coal in Kansas? (After response ask:) Would you strongly (favor/oppose) the building of a new electrical power plant in Kansas or would you say you only somewhat (favor/oppose) building it?

• Strongly favor, 30 percent

• somewhat favor, 21 percent

• somewhat oppose, 10 percent

• strongly oppose, 16 percent

• undecided, 23 percent.

3. Prior to this conversation, had you seen, read or heard anything about an effort to build a new electrical power plant in Kansas?

• Yes, 64 percent

• No, 34 percent

• Undecided, 2 percent.

4. Which of the following reasons in favor of building a new power plant, if any, does the most to encourage you to support the construction of a new power plant. (Rotate)

• Building a new facility will bring more than three and a half billion dollars in private investment in Kansas, 7 percent

• The new power plant will create more than 2,500 good paying jobs in Kansas, 33 percent

• The ability to sell surplus electricity to other states will help the Kansas economy for years to come, 13 percent

• The new jobs created will help western Kansas be more self-sufficient and stem the tide of transferring resources from the more affluent eastern part of the state, 14 percent

• None, 15 percent

• Undecided, 17 percent.

5. The State Legislature recently passed a bill in the State House by a margin of 79-43, and a Senate vote of 31-9 that would allow the power plant near Holcomb to be built, but it is widely expected that the Governor will veto this bill? Do you think your legislator should or should not vote to overturn the Governor’s veto?

• Should vote to overturn the governor, 56 percent

• Should not vote to overturn the governor, 25 percent

• Undecided, 20 percent.