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Jayhawk still alive among top 10 ‘pet’ mascots

March 25, 2009


An online site ranks Kansas University’s Jayhawk as the No. 10 "pet" mascot in this year’s NCAA Tournament field, but the mythical bird already has survived longer than four higher-ranked animals — including the pre-tournament No. 1, Dubs the Husky from the University of Washington. released its “Top 10 Pet Mascots of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament” last week, just before 64 teams had tipped off their first-round games Thursday and Friday.

The rankings came with a disclaimer: “ can’t guarantee that choosing teams by mascot will help you win your office pool, but we can give you a reason to justify why you selected our #1 pick to win it all this year. Good Luck!”

By Sunday night, four teams on the list had been eliminated: Butler’s Bulldogs (No. 9), Marquette’s Golden Eagles (No. 8), Boston College’s Eagles (No. 7) and, yes, the top-ranked Husky.

Still alive: Arizona’s Wilbur the Wildcat (No. 6), Connecticut’s Jonathan the Husky (No. 5), Louisville’s Cardinals (No. 4), Gonzaga’s Spike the Bulldog (No. 3) and Villanova’s Will D. Cat (No. 2).

Neither of the tournament’s two remaining Tigers — from the Universities of Missouri and Memphis — made’s rankings, nor did the University of Pittsburgh's Panther.


jayhawker85 8 years, 12 months ago

This list is crap. There are two "wildcats" and two "huskies" ranked over KU. Oh, and the ever original "cardinals," "eagles" and "bulldogs" are included in the list as well.

1029 8 years, 11 months ago

One time I was camping and I ate an eagle egg. I knew it was an eagle egg because I saw the big eagle in the tree above. It stared at me while I ate. But I can't imagine anyone would ever have an eagle for a pet. They are too big and they are probably hard to teach.

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