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Sunflower Elementary principal resigns

Jason Jones, principal of Sunflower Elementary School, announced his resignation on Tuesday.

Jason Jones, principal of Sunflower Elementary School, announced his resignation on Tuesday.

March 24, 2009


Sunflower principal announces resignation

Sunflower Elementary Principal Jason Jones will resign at the end of the school year. Enlarge video

Jason Jones, the principal at Sunflower School, announced that he will resign at the end of the school year to pursue other professional opportunities.

This is his third year in the district and at Sunflower School.

“I am grateful for the rewarding experiences, dedicated teachers, supportive families and wonderful students that contribute to the strong sense of community at Sunflower Elementary,” Jones said in a press release.

Before to coming to Lawrence, Jones was the principal at Riverside Elementary in Emporia. He also taught fifth and third grades and was a K-6 instructional specialist for two years, both at the Auburn-Washburn school district in Topeka.

“He made a positive contribution to our district administrative team and helped Sunflower Elementary maintain a solid educational program,” Lawrence Superintendent Randy Weseman said in a press release.

Sunflower School was built in 1994 and is a Kansas Standard of Excellence School in both reading and math.

The Lawrence school district will begin searching for Jones’ replacement immediately.


multiagelearner 8 years, 11 months ago

Which one of the overpriced "administrators" from the big house will they send over? Too bad this district doesn't truly believe in doing what is best for kids. Will the teachers and parents be involved or will Randy W. just use his "executive" power?

Daniel Speicher 8 years, 11 months ago

As a current employee of Sunflower Elementary, I would like to say that whatever process brought Mr. Jones to our school is a good enough process for me. He has been an excellent administrator for our school and anyone who has worked under his leadership is a better educator for having done so.

I believe I can speak for most (if not all) of the faculty and staff at Sunflower Elementary when I say that we are all going to miss him as our principal... But, we are also very excited to see him move on to a position where his leadership can positively effect even more people than he already has.

multiagelearner 8 years, 11 months ago

Principals in all the schools come and go, why is that? Schwegler has had 3 in 7 years. Maybe they can only lie to themselves for so long before they can't choke down Randy W. and Bruce P's policies. Are the "in building influences" the teachers? It is possible that the principals build relationships with the teachers and staff then can't stand to watch the administrators use them as pawns.
Mr. Jones has been a great leader for Sunflower. Unfortunately, I doubt they use the same process that brought him to Sunflower. Who needs a job from the palace??? Why don't they bring in the new superintendent to assist with the hiring?

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