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Legislature approves bill to expand Kansas’ rape shield law

March 23, 2009


— A bill expanding Kansas’ rape shield law has cleared the Legislature.

The House approved the measure on a 123-0 vote Monday, sending it to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. The Senate passed the same version last week, 39-0.

The rape shield law limits testimony or other evidence about the sexual past of a crime victim during trials or other court hearings. A defendant must request in writing that such evidence be admitted, and a judge must determine whether it is relevant.

The law applies to victims of rape and other sex crimes, such as sodomy and indecent liberties with a child. The bill adds aggravated sex trafficking involving a child and electronic solicitation of a child for sexual purposes to the list.


Ray Parker 5 years ago

This is an attempt to stop some of the outrages committed by shysters defending rapists by attacking the rape victim in criminal court. For example, a 13-year-old girl fed booze and gang-raped by adult men is accused of being wanton and enticing the rapists. For Douglas County "judge" Paula Martin, the obvious response was to hand down 60-day sentences or probation to the rapists, and point the accusing finger at the 13-year-old rape victim. I would love to know more about the relationship between Martin and the shysters who dumped their money into her retention vote campaign, to keep her on the bench, so that children will not be protected from rape in our Kansas criminal "justice" system.


billbodiggens 5 years ago

If all that is being accomplished is actually stated in the article, I've got news, it ain't something that is any different than what is taking place now. Possibly just another boutique bit of legislation designed for the rubes back home to make them think that some actual changes are taking place?


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