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Know where to go

March 23, 2009


During a tornado warning, where you should go depends on where you are. Some advice from Jillian Blair, assistant director of Douglas County Emergency Management:

• In a home? “Basements are the best places, because they are underground,” she says. Stay away from windows because of broken glass.

• No basement? Go to the lowest level, into an interior room. “Put as many walls between you and the outside as you can,” she says. “Don’t be sitting against an exterior wall, if possible,” because it could be the first wall to go in a tornado.

• In a mobile home? “You should abandon that,” she says. Even mobile homes tied down with straps can’t stand up to a tornado, or even very strong winds. Find a home of a relative, friend or neighbor that can provide stronger shelter.

• In a car? “Don’t try to outrun a tornado … and if it’s bearing down on you, don’t go under an overpass,” she says. “Those are not good shelters. Those actually create a ‘wind tunnel’ effect, and it increases wind speeds.” Instead, pull to the side of the road and lay down in a ditch or other depression and cover your head with your hands.


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