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County clerk to receive open government award

March 17, 2009


Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew is getting special recognition from the Lawrence-Douglas County League of Women Voters.

Shew is this year’s recipient of the Helen Fluker Open and Accessible Government Award.

“He is extremely dedicated to giving every voter every opportunity to vote at election time,” said Ruth Lichtwardt, who nominated Shew for the award.

Lichtwardt, a longtime election polling place worker, said Shew emphasizes to workers the importance of letting someone cast a ballot, even if it is a provisional one, or helping to make sure someone gets to the correct polling place to vote. She also noted that Shew initiated steps to increase the opportunity for county residents to take part in advance voting.

It was also under Shew’s watch as county clerk that an election Web site was established to help the public find information about candidates and the voting process, said Carrie Lindsey, the league’s president.

Shew will be honored on Sunday at the Helen Fluker Award Banquet in Brandon Woods Smith Center, 1501 Inverness Drive. A reception will be held at 11:30 a.m. followed by a noon lunch. The cost to attend is $13.50. You can pay in advance by making a reservation (766-8561) or pay at the door.


WilburM 9 years, 2 months ago

Great job, Jamie. Always nice to see the acknowledgement that government can and does work -- when competent and well-intentioned people are at the helm.

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