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Jayhawks fly high as No. 3 seed in Midwest

First NCAA opponent: N.D. State

The Jayhawk bench including, Tyrone Appleton, front, Sherron Collins, left, Tyrel Reed, Travis Releford, Quintrell Thomas, and Tyshawn Taylor, erupts after a late bucket by walk-on Matt Kleinmann against Nebraska, Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

The Jayhawk bench including, Tyrone Appleton, front, Sherron Collins, left, Tyrel Reed, Travis Releford, Quintrell Thomas, and Tyshawn Taylor, erupts after a late bucket by walk-on Matt Kleinmann against Nebraska, Saturday, Feb. 21, 2009 at Allen Fieldhouse.

March 15, 2009


KU gets No. 3 seed

The road to the national championship is officially underway. This evening the Kansas men's basketball team learned where they'll be dancing in the opening round of the NCAA tournament.

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2009 KU Selection Sunday
On the street

What do you think of the Jayhawks getting the No. 3 seed in the Midwest Region of the NCAA Tournament?

I think it’s great, us playing in the Midwest — close to home, lots of fan support. The only team I’m worried about is Louisville.

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For the Kansas Jayhawks, the Road to the Final Four leads 480 miles to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minn.

And plenty of fans will be joining Bill Self’s defending national champions for the ride.

“Alumni always flock to wherever the team will be playing, and this year will be no different,” said Jennifer Sanner, senior vice president for the Kansas University Alumni Association. “It’s just wonderful to watch every year. It never gets old.”

The Jayhawks will take their 25-7 record into their 20th consecutive NCAA Tournament, extending a streak that has given fans plenty of reason to plan ahead early and often for postseason pilgrimages.

“This is what you live for,” said Jim Marchiony, an associate athletics director at KU. “This is what you play for. This is what you work in college athletics for. Postseason play in any sport is everybody’s goal.”

And given such postseason anticipation — and following on last year’s monumental success, with KU winning six consecutive games to secure the school’s third NCAA championship and fifth national title — getting tickets also proves to be something of a challenge.

Marchiony and his colleagues always satisfy the needs of the team — players, coaches, staffers and their families — before turning their attention to everybody else. Of the remaining tickets, KU students, faculty and staff will share 15 percent, while the remainder will go to members of the Williams Fund, the donor organization for Kansas Athletics Inc.

KU expects to have details of its ticket allotment by 8:30 a.m. today, when people can call the KU Ticket Office — 864-3141, or 1-800-34-HAWKS (1-800-344-2957) — to check on availability.

For those who can’t wait till 8:30 a.m., tickets are already available at the University of Minnesota’s Web site An all-session ticket, which covers admittance for the four opening round games Friday and two games Sunday, costs $193. Single-session tickets will go on sale Thursday at a cost of $71.

A Minnesota athletic department official said Sunday that 12,000 tickets had already been sold for Friday’s games in the Metrodome, which seats 32,000 for basketball.

“The great thing about Kansas basketball is the passion of the fans, and they love to travel to support their team,” said Marchiony, who noted that information about potential travel packages would be available throughout the tournament at

For fans making the trip to the first-round site, the KU Alumni Association promises to be there with all the usual materials: stickers, beads and other accessories to outfit the KU faithful. Pep rallies also will be organized leading up to the first of what leaders hope will be six consecutive games.

Just like last year.

“The Big 12 (regular season) championship gives folks a lot of optimism,” said Sanner, a 1981 KU grad. “There’s always the notion that anything can happen in the tournament.”


maxcrabb 9 years ago

I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this seems as good a place as any other to start a run!

(and don't tell me it won't happen, I'm a realist too... just a very upbeat one!)

Go 'Hawks!

lildos 9 years ago

The way I see it, anything past the second round is a bonus. However, I see KU having as much of a chance to win the whole thing as the next team, as long as everyone shows up to play.

Janet Cinelli 9 years ago

Personally, I think our bracket is the hardest of the 4. OUCH.

Piggles 9 years ago

I'm not expecting KU to go far since it's a different team than last year, so I will be pleasantly surprised and excited should they advance to the final 16 and/or 8 or beyond. Rock Chalk KU- GO JAYHAWKS!

elfth 9 years ago

Uhmmm, bison are tasty! Just finished a mascot ribeye.

yankeelady 9 years ago

The CBC guys said this is a tough draw for us. But if the right team show up we could go far.

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

This is a terrible match-up. Read up on them. Guys on that team waited all college for this season, including red-shirting, because this is the first year eligible for the NCAA tournament from the Summit League. Now they are a senior lead team with home court advantage.

Linda Aikins 9 years ago

go Hawks! I'd like at a minimum an Elite Eight and I'll be happy.

hooligan01 9 years ago

I'm a Bison to the core. Couldn't ask for a better game than this one.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years ago

Number one seeds, Pitsburg, UConn, North Carolina, Louisville. What a pile of crap! Who are these committee persons and where are they from? Couldn't be anywhere but Bumm U-know-what, New Yawrk. This is not an honest selection, it is a political love fest for the east coast leagues.

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

You are kidding right frwent? While Memphis and Duke could make a case over Pittsburgh, they got it right. After what happened this weekend (only one top seed of the top six RPI conferences even made it to the finals of there tournament) , this tournament has opened up. I will give a pass to N.C. resting the ACC POY for losing.

And Missouri deserved games at Sprint Center, so they got robbed.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

how does OU get a 2 seed at kc when they lost 4 of their last 5?

compmd 9 years ago


Bison starts with "B."

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

notajayhawk 9 years ago

frwent (Anonymous) says…

"Number one seeds, Pitsburg, UConn, North Carolina, Louisville. What a pile of crap! Who are these committee persons and where are they from?"

Someplace where they know how to spell Pittsburgh.

And if you'd ever bothered to turn on your TV when a non-Big-12 team was playing, you'd know that, as srj said, they got it right. Mostly.

The only question I have is whether the committee should base he seedings (or even the selection) on the so-called 'body of work' or how good the team is today. The Huskies just aren't the same team without Dyson, and the last few games of the season demonstrated that. Just as Marquette isn't the same without James - there's plenty of teams that built an impressive resume during the early season that, practically speaking, have no chance of a deep tourney run as of this week.

It seems to me that the tourney should be made up of the teams that have the best chance of winning it all when the tournament is actually played, not on how good a team was last November. Rewarding a team that did well early on even though they aren't likely to be able to continue with that success (after the loss of a star player, for example) just takes away a seed that could have gone to one of the bubble teams that might have had a shot.

terrapin2 9 years ago

srj, They may be a hungry team, but they have ZERO NCAA Tournament experience which is a huge factor. And Fargo is about 250 miles from Mpls vs Lawrence at 500 miles so it's not exactly a home-court advantage situation for ND State.

I certainly don't want our team to look beyond ND State, but I'm confident they'll make it beyond the first round. I'll be thrilled with a Sweet Sixteen run or an Elite Eight, but I'm not going to hold my breath for the Final Four.

Don Whiteley 9 years ago

The last two away games they played (Texas Tech and Baylor), they looked more like Jaybirds than Jayhawks. I'd say they lucked out drawing North Dakota. Otherwise, they might be one-and-done in the big dance too.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Hawks be ready to play and do not expect a picnic. NoDak state is good enough to make it they are good enough to win... remember Bucknell and Baylor!

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years ago

Thanks for the spelling lesson, "not", I spent about three weeks working in "Pittsburgh" a few years ago, and I got in a hurry. They taught me how to pronounce "Carnegie". But some of them spell it "Pittsburg". Dunno why.

jayhawk10 9 years ago

north dakota state... never heard of them

sundog 9 years ago

If Collins decides to be a team player, they could go far.

notajayhawk 9 years ago

At least North Dakota doesn't have a single "B" in it.

frwent (Anonymous) says…

"I spent about three weeks working in “Pittsburgh” a few years ago, and I got in a hurry."

A hurry to leave, I assume? :)

Do they still make Iron City Beer? Used to say right on the can "The beer of Pittsburgh," like that's a big selling point! Pretty sure that stuff was the runoff from cooling the slag...

dweezil222 9 years ago

NDSU has the unfortunate ability to shoot the three ball pretty well. If KU can't step up and shut Ben Woodside down, this will be a very tough game.

Jeff Kilgore 9 years ago

NDSU has had a great season. What is their best win this year? What place would they take in the Big 12? Is their 3 shooter as good as we've seen like Clemente or the kid from Texas Tech? Strange things happen--like the 2 seed that beat Iowa State years ago. But surely we are confident and not looking ahead, right? Self will get their attention. We have played our best basketball after losses. ROCK CHALK!!!!!

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Collins was quoted Wednesday as saying Baylor was good enough to beat anybody..... he was right.

Need to play hard every game. Baylor was tough.

jaywalker 9 years ago

Riddle me this? OU tanks the last couple weeks of the season, doesn't win the conference or conference tourney title....but gets the 2 seed AND the KC venue? KU and MU are solid #3's, too bad the 'Hawks had to play so poorly at Tech and against Baylor, should've been a #2. And more than anything, KC got reamed by not having either of the closer teams at the Sprint Center. Not gonna reflect well on the city when people see a half empty arena and not much noise. N. Dak. St. gets a venue 3 hrs. from home, Ohio State is an 8 and plays an hour away in Dayton, 'Nova's a 3 and plays in Philly, the 'Zags are a 4 and play 3 hours south in Portland.
Honestly, after the way the 'Hawks played in two of their three games at the Sprint this year, I'm kinda glad they got shipped out. But KC got ripped off any way you slice it.

Rickyonealku 9 years ago

I think this year you can toss out the number next to each teams seeding and let the cream flow to the top.

Rock Chalk Play hard Jayhawks..

beagledog 9 years ago

I agree with jaywalker. KU and Mizzou got screwed as did Kansas City, the sprint center, and all the local businesses. Kind of like what happened to Lawrence when Lew Perkins moved the KU-MU football games to Arrowhead. One thing too, and you can blame it on east-coast bias, is that not only is 'Nova playing in their home city, but Duke and North Carolina are playing in their home state; Greensboro to be exact. Talk about your home-court advantage. How many people are taking Carolina to win it all? Look at the start they're getting. As Dennis Green once said, "why don't you just crown them.?!"

RiverCityConservative 9 years ago

Elite Eight: Texas AM, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, Villanova, Oklahoma St, Michigan, Butler

Final Four: Kansas, Texas AM, Villanova, Michigan

Kansas 94, Villanova 77

Jayhawks repeat as champions!

RiverCityConservative 9 years ago

Are you inviting me to participate in an illegal activity? No, thanks. The satisfaction of being right is enough of a reward for me. Good luck with your _ _ .

notajayhawk 9 years ago

jaywalker (Anonymous) says…

"Riddle me this?"

OU is 5th in the RPI (MU and KU are 10th and 11th, respectively), and has a better record against the top 50 and the top 100 than either of the other two (and a better overall record). Their RPI is higher than one of the 1-seeds and all but one of the 2-seeds. That's why they get the 2 and a trip to KC, and the others don't.

Not much of a riddle.

Oh, and RiverCityConservative - get some help.


RiverCityConservative 9 years ago

I wish to apologize for calling tournament betting pools an illegal activity. According to the article below they are only "technically illegal." Sorry for the error, and I trust my comments did not dampen the enthusiasm of NCAA tournament fans.

Monday, March 16, 2009 MANHATTAN -- Diane Swanson, the von Waaden Business Administration professor at Kansas State University, is a business ethics expert who can discuss employees participating in March Madness betting pools. Swanson says that although she is not encouraging a technically illegal activity, betting pools can potentially solidify employee relationships and boost morale, therefore compensating in part for whatever they may cost in lost productivity.

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