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Hunter busted for bolting antlers on doe

March 15, 2009


— A man who bolted antlers to the head of a dead doe and posed for a photograph with the deer was fined $400 and jailed for game violations.

Marcel Fournier, 19, shot the deer the evening of Nov. 22 and used lag bolts and epoxy to attach a 10-point rack, officials said. He then checked in the kill as lawful game at Barnie’s Market.

It’s illegal to kill an antlerless deer, and it’s also illegal to hunt at night.

The Concord resident admitted to the killing and led a game warden to the deer’s remains after an anonymous caller alerted authorities.


RoeDapple 9 years ago


This guy can't possibly give hunters a bad name, this kind of stupid is in a class by itself.........

dwindling doe population.........

New question to add to hunter safety course.. "Would you be this stupid?"

This guy makes my redneck buddies look like rocket scientists...

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