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Lawrence school district picks next superintendent: Rick Doll from Louisburg

Educator to bring 35 years’ expertise

Rick Doll has been selected as the new superintendent of the Lawrence public schools. Doll, seen Wednesday, will start his new job in July.

Rick Doll has been selected as the new superintendent of the Lawrence public schools. Doll, seen Wednesday, will start his new job in July.

March 11, 2009


New superintendent brings 35 years of expertise

It's official: Rick Doll is the new superintendent of Lawrence Public Schools. Doll received final approval from the school board at a special meeting Wednesday night and will take over in July. Enlarge video

Rick Doll will be the sixth superintendent to lead the consolidated Lawrence public school district.

Doll, 55, presently is in his fourth year as superintendent in Louisburg in Miami County, just south of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The district serves about 2,000 students.

“I was attracted to the Lawrence public schools because of the tradition of high academic standards and the focus of the district on individual students,” Doll said. “I’m thrilled to be here.”

Doll is a 35-year veteran educator and school administrator, having served as an associate professor at Kansas State University, an assistant superintendent, a high school principal and a history and political science teacher.

He signed a two-year contract for $156,000 a year.

Before becoming the lead administrator in Louisburg, he was the superintendent in Rock Creek school district in Westmoreland, about an hour north of Manhattan.

School board president Craig Grant said Doll is the best possible candidate to lead Lawrence public schools.

“Dr. Doll is an effective instructional leader with proven skills in planning, budgeting, team building, curriculum, staff development and program evaluation,” Grant said.

During Doll’s time in Louisburg, the elementary school won the Governor’s Achievement Award for reading and math assessment performance. The community also approved a $30 million school bond issue in 2006 that financed a new elementary school, a district stadium and improvements to existing school facilities.

Three advisory committees — made up of teachers, classified staff and principals — interviewed candidates as part of the superintendent selection process.

“We thought Dr. Doll seemed down-to-earth, approachable and appreciative of the role of classified staff,” said Rusty Tournade, the lead buildings and groundskeeper for Lawrence High.

West Junior High Principal Myron Melton was impressed with Doll’s knowledge of curriculum and instruction.

“He has a clear vision of what it takes to provide a successful educational program for students,” Melton said.

Doll earned a Bachelor of Arts in history at McPherson College. He received a master’s and doctorate in educational administration at Kansas State University.

Doll will take over Lawrence public schools in July when Superintendent Randy Weseman retires.


deskboy04 9 years ago

He sounds like a good person for the job.

SLIBW 9 years ago

I noticed there was no quote from a representative of the Lawrence teachers' association in this article. What do the teachers think of Dr. Doll?

bkreed1960 9 years ago

Talk about it being a very small world!!!! Dr. Doll was my high school history teacher. I believe it was his first year out of college and even then he was an excellent educator. Congratulations to Dr. Doll and Lawrence, they will make a good team!

alm77 9 years ago

Doll is pronounced "Dole" correct? I got the robo-call this evening.

kugrad 9 years ago

SLIBW, The teachers are just learning about Mr. Doll tonight as well, so they would have no opinion at this time. I'm sure they wish him well. No one wants a poor superintendant!

salad 9 years ago

"Dr." Doll??? Unless he's licensed to perform open heart surgery I fail to see the need to acknowledge a degree that is seriously the joke of academia. A Phd in "education" ??? What a bunch of BS. I know guys with Phd's in Nuclear engineering, physics, chemistry, etc... who are the among the best in the world in their fields who prefer to be called "Mr." or just "Fred". Effing edu-crats.

2old2 9 years ago

It truly is a small world. I have had the distinct honor of working with Rick Doll. I know him as a boss, colleague, mentor and a friend. He has earned and lives up to every initial he has behind his name.

kugrad 9 years ago

yeah, Salad is just hangin' with his bros, world-renknowned experts in their fields, top chemists, nuclear scientists, top physicists.......just good people yo, keepin' it real with the Salad, uh huh, that's what I'm talkin' about.

SLIBW 9 years ago

KUgrad, I'm just curious as to why a groundskeeper and a principal were quoted in the story, while there was no reaction from the teacher reps. Interesting.

guesswho 9 years ago

Salad, I'm glad you so in the know about the different types of doctoral degrees, whether it is a medical doctor, juris doctorate, doctorate of philosophy, doctorate in educational administration, etc. As I am sure you know, each has its own content area and represents the highest formal education in that field. A doctorate in philosophy is what most academics do, which bases their work in a certain theory. A doctorate in education is more based on understanding education research - so they are not likely to go into academia, but applied research - which a school setting is.

questionthings 9 years ago

Congrats Dr. Dole! I went to school with his sons. They are a great family. He will be great for Lawrence Public Schools!!

Lori Nation 9 years ago

Lovely 156,000 per year. Looks like our school fees will be raising again. My children are in elementary and they still bring home copies of their text books that we are paying $190.00 per year. I refuse to pay school fees in Lawrence!! Could we find anyone cheaper and save some money!! If we are paying this amount things need to change.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

Those new athletic fields are certain to raise your USD 497 taxes and fees. The more there is the more maintenance dollars necessary plus additional staffing.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

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Medical Insurance requires a mountain of tax dollars.

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