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Attorney general offers personal safety tips

March 11, 2009


The Attorney General offers the following tips to students as Spring Break nears.


• Be aware of your surroundings.

• Never open door to strangers; require ID of service or repair people.

• Plan several escape routes from your home.

• Park in well-lit areas.

• If you come home and something looks wrong or different - do not enter, go to a safe place and call police.

• Keep money in a pocket instead of a purse or wallet.

• Portray a confident and self-reliant person, walk like you have a mission.

• Do not walk or jog alone at night.

• If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or the situation just does not seem right, trust your instincts and leave.

• Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

• If you are attacked or robbed, or you witness violence, be a good witness and contact the police immediately.

• Immediately report anyone seen watching people or acting suspicious.


• Keep doors and windows closed and locked.

• Install good quality locks on doors and windows. Deadbolt door locks are always best. Sliding glass patio doors are frequent points of entry for burglars. They should always be reinforced by wedging a stick or pole firmly in the lower track behind the door.

• Unplug your automatic overhead garage door opener when leaving for an extended period of time.

• Install peepholes in doors.

• Keep shrubbery trimmed so doors and windows are not obscured.

• Ask reliable neighbors to watch your residence when you are away. Keep newspapers, handbills, and mail picked-up while you are gone.

• Keep valuables well hidden especially checkbooks and extra checks. Record and safely store serial numbers from valuable items, such as electronics and firearms.

• Keep premises well lit at night.

• Never let strangers into your home, not even to use the phone.

• Never give information indicating when you will or will not be at home.

• Never let strangers know if you live alone.

• If you are gone overnight, use automatic timers on interior lights to give the appearance that the residence is occupied.


gl0ck0wn3r 9 years, 3 months ago

"Plan several escape routes from your home"

Seriously? It's good to see that we've taken the European method of "defense" to heart. Interesting that the AG didn't mention concealed carry - a very effective, viable form of defense for those not living on campus.

madameX 9 years, 3 months ago

Marion, it's already legal to carry a concealed weapon in Kansas if you have a license, so what's your point?

Mark Currie 9 years, 3 months ago

I think his point is, that the AG didn't mention a gun as a viable means of defense. Only it needs to be a gun & some good training in its use for personal defense. As to the drinking while carrying, this is against the law and a person carrying while drinking will lose their gun, permit, & most likely be prosecuted. Thanks,

madameX 9 years, 3 months ago

Well chill out, I only asked because the tone of the post kind of implied that there was something preventing women from carrying guns if they wanted to. In some states maybe, but not this one.

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