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Legislators consider bill to regulate Internet fundraising

March 9, 2009


— Democrat Sean Tevis of Olathe lost a Kansas House race last fall.

But his Internet campaign gained notoriety for raising more than $50,000 in contributions of less than $50. Under Kansas law, he didn’t have to identify his donors.

Questions were raised, and Tevis produced a list of every dollar and contributor. Now Republican House member Scott Schwab of Olathe has filed what he calls the "Sean Tevis" bill. The measure would require any candidate who raises over $5,000 in contributions of under $50 each to list the donors.

Tevis said the bill is unfair because it would place a requirement on Internet fundraising that does not apply to candidates who receive $5 donations at a campaign coffee.

Tevis said that some of his supporters have suggested, if the measure becomes law, launching a campaign to give Schwab a penny from each of 500,000 donors.


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