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Student found dead at KU fraternity

Police are working to figure out what led to the death of a KU student at his fraternity house on Sunday.

March 8, 2009, 5:21 p.m. Updated March 8, 2009, 9:02 p.m.


A Sigma Alpha Epsilon member was found dead Sunday afternoon at the Kansas University fraternity, 1301 West Campus Road.

Lawrence police identified the deceased KU student as Jason Christopher Wren, 19, of Littleton, Colo. Though the cause of death hasn’t been determined, foul play was not immediately suspected, said Capt. Ray Urbanek.

“There’s still a lot to do,” he said.

Police said they were called shortly after 2:30 p.m. to the fraternity house, where they found Wren unresponsive.

“He went to bed last night and he obviously didn’t wake up this morning,” said Urbanek.

Urbanek said an autopsy would likely be performed to determine the cause of death.

Fraternity members did not return calls for comment. An adult at the fraternity house, who identified himself only as a KU greek leader, said there were no chapter events going on at the house Saturday night.

Members of the fraternity met for a group meeting at the house shortly after 7 p.m. Sunday, the adult leader said.

KU spokeswoman Jill Jess sent an e-mailed statement Sunday night. “Counselors are being made available to the membership and others who knew the deceased,” she said. “Our hearts go out to family and friends on this sad day.”


ralphralph 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Bubarubu 8 years ago

"If this were one of those “Lawyer Joke” riddles..." But it's not. A person has died, and the best this idiot can come up with is wishing he had a better setup for a joke. Like the Amber Alert from the other day, I sincerely hope the idiot's comment gets removed and the kid's family and friends don't ever have to see what a fool this person is.

rgh 8 years ago


You should have your account and e-mail rights taken away from the Journal World.

I've asked for your post to be removed as I hope the others do also.

What a stupid post when a young person has lost his life and his family and friends facing a horrible future without him. You're pathetic!

kusp8 8 years ago

Rather ralphralph's comment is.

RoeDapple 8 years ago

Ask anyone who has children what their worst fear is, this young man's parents are going through this at this very moment.

Our thoughts, our prayers are with his family

TacoBob 8 years ago

No offense to the first 3, but how about taking down the conmments referring to a comment that is not there anymore.

rgh 8 years ago


Did you see the comment posted and why it was removed and why we were angered? I'm hoping you would have been upset and disgusted as well if you had.

Bubarubu 8 years ago

I don't take any offense, and feel free to flag mine (esp. since I quoted the original post).

On another note, my condolences to the young man's friend and family.

bretherite 8 years ago

I can't imagine what the parents are going thru. My prayers to them and the men at the SAE house.

Shardwurm 8 years ago

Tragic. No matter what the cause. Just sad.

TacoBob 8 years ago

rgh, no I did not, and am not taking a shot at you for commenting on it. Glad I didn't see it based on the comments. Just wondering if all references to it could be removed as it was obviously offensive and now gone. But, I have contributed to the distraction by my off topic comments. I'm going to flag myself!

Deb Stavin 8 years ago

It's time for the Journal-World to step up and take some responsibility for the consistently uncivilized tone of this public forum.

verity 8 years ago

dstavin---I agree.

My thoughts are with the family and friends in this very difficult time.

audibleangel 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

dstavin (Anonymous) says…

It's time for the Journal-World to step up and take some responsibility for the consistently uncivilized tone of this public forum.

---no, as far as I can tell there was one rude jerk laughing at a death story. otherwise, and overwhelmingly, posters have been humane, concerned and caring. free speech is free, not necessarily pretty.

God grant peace to all who knew him, and to his parents most of all. there are many potential causes for an "unattended death."

SAE men, we'll be praying for you. many in the community do care about you college students.

kuballa23 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

JoRight 8 years ago

I'm not speculating here, so please do not jump on me.

It's a sad sad day for KU, SAE & the greek community. Everyone should always keep in mind safety & hopefully, there will be good to come out of this situation.

Thoughts & prayers for everyone involved.

d_haggerty 8 years ago

Last semester, a student of mine was killed in a car crash. The Journal-World ran a story about it, and of course there were the requisite snide comments on the website. Any death is a tragedy, and the people who leave disrespectful comments on such events are clearly too oblivious to realize this.

I'm usually in favor of any type of online discussion, but in the case of a death I don't believe that should allow comments on their website.

mom_of_three 8 years ago

I understand this is a tragic situation for all involved, but this is a forum for discussion. Not all people will be apologetic and caring. It's not the way the world is, but how we would like it to be. There will be some stupid comments, (and it seems solely for the attention that they get). Should the LJW be responsible for that? NO. Should the LJW change their policy? NO. Because that would be letting them win.
Once again, if you don't think you will like what is written, then don't read it. Although it's within their power to do so, I hope the LJW doesn't restrict which articles are allowed comment. Sometimes a lot can be learned by understanding someone else's position.

sourpuss 8 years ago

How sad. I hope the family finds meaning and peace in their loss.

I actually agree with you, mom_of_three. I have learned more about the community of Lawrence reading these comments than I had in the 27 years I lived there. I like it a lot less now.

bad_dog 8 years ago

If you review ralphralph's comment history, this is at least the 3rd time he's posted sarcastic comments regarding a death. Perhaps it's time for a disappearing act...

bad_dog 8 years ago

Oh and condolences to the family. I can't think of anything more tragic than the death of your child-regardless of the circumstances..

Fatty_McButterpants 8 years ago

Heaven forbid someone post an offensive comment! That might actually test our freedom of speech. Oh...right. Freedom of speech should only exist if it's something you agree with... Even truly tasteless jokes and comments should be allowed. If you don't like them, don't read them.

Fatty_McButterpants 8 years ago

Haggerty, you can't be serious when you say that "every death is a tragedy"? Death is a part of life. It's not a tragedy. It's a tragedy when someone loses their life through no fault of their own - murder, cancer, etc. But if someone does something moronic (no, I'm not saying that's the case here) and gets dies as a result, or is 98 years old, it's not a tragedy. It's life.

tsweat 8 years ago

fatty i really hope u are not implying jason did something moronic. this was a tragedy, plain and simple. my prayers go out to the family members

KansasPerson 8 years ago

Good luck on getting the J-W to change their comments policy. 106 comments after this LTE last summer, lots of discussion, J-W even asked for feedback, and I guess they just decided to leave it the way it is.

Danimal 8 years ago

It's always a sad thing when young people die.

Hoots 8 years ago

I hope this doesn't end up another binge drinking or drug overdose story like at so many other schools. To be gone at 19 is rough.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

The rest of us, I think it fair to say, consider the loss of anyone so young, so full of potential, so beloved to family and friends, a tragedy whatever the cause of that loss.

*however he died, this is a tragedy! there were hopes and plans unfulfilled, parents' pride and love, now replaced by hurt and loss. friends who enjoyed his company and his comradship now find a gaping hole in their lives and hearts. his own aspirations will not be pursued, cannot be pursued.

I'd say that's a tragedy.

SpeedRacer 8 years ago

It is unfortunate that such a sad story should have to be the place for discussing LJW policy. I wish that the comments section were the type that allowed a reply to the comment made so that if the comment were removed, all replies went with it. Anyone who has posted here for a long time knows there will always be people who post inappropriate or inflammatory comments, and we often know who to expect that from.

For the rest who who are making a visit to the site because of a relationship to the story, my apologies for those who are inconsiderate and my condolences on your loss.

lkwjr 8 years ago

Wow! What a bunch of typical pretentious Lawrence D-bags. This is an article about a dead kid and you guys you use it as a forum to bicker back and forth and try to give grammar lessons and make yourself appear smarter than each other. Shut Up! Someone's very young son is dead. Try to show him some respect even if he was a jayhawk.

jonas_opines 8 years ago

"Oh…right. Freedom of speech should only exist if it's something you agree with… Even truly tasteless jokes and comments should be allowed. If you don't like them, don't read them."

Freedom of speech of course only refers to the actions of the government. As a private company running a semi-public website, the LJWorld has the freedom to institute whatever policy they choose to. Cencorship is, to my mind, somewhat acceptable on the forum for the extraordinary cases, because frankly the online, detached and anonymous nature of internet posting removes its posters from the primary consequences of uncivilized speech. That being, if they said some of these things in real life, especially at a wake or a funeral, they'd get decked.

There is a place for alternative viewpoints, of course. But to hide personal offensiveness (particularly offensiveness with no other point to it) behind the guise of Freedom of Speech is the hallmark of the true coward.

jonas_opines 8 years ago

Not to call referenced poster a coward, for that matter. As near as I read, there were no particularly offensive comments from that source, and the defense was of other posters.

slowplay 8 years ago

Eliminate anonymous posting.

Condolences to the family and all who knew him.

Sharon Aikins 8 years ago

Condolences to the family and friends of this young man. I have never lost a child but have known others who have. It is a life changing event, for many one that takes away any sense of a normal life for years or even a lifetime afterwards. It would be ideal if we all wrote posts as if they were being written to us if the situation were reversed.

HW 8 years ago

As with the majority so far, my condolences to family, friends and brothers. The brotherhood that many greek members share is just as strong as most of their familial relationships.

That said, I agree with logic. If you don't agree with the posting on these topics, don't post. Along the same lines, if you don't agree with people posting anonymously, then don't post anonymously. Step up to the standards you want to set for others. There are many good reasons to post anonymously.

Third, the LJW has a pretty good policy already. Once somebody requests removal, it doesn't take long for Jonathan and the others to remove the post. Practice some self control and don't read the comments if your going to get your feelings hurt.

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