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Two men hospitalized with stab wounds after fight in Burger King parking lot

March 7, 2009, 2:38 a.m. Updated March 7, 2009, 6:35 a.m.


Two hospitalized with stab wounds after fight

Two men were hospitalized after they were stabbed in a Burger King parking lot. Enlarge video

Two men were stabbed during an early-morning fight in the parking lot of Burger King, 1301 W. 23rd St.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman said a 22-year-old male was sent to Lawrence Memorial Hospital with severe but nonlife-threatening wounds to his torso.

A 27-year-old man was transported via air ambulance to another area hospital with a severe laceration to his arm.

Officers have arrested one man on charges of aggravated battery in the incident.

Bordman could not confirm the victim’s names Saturday, nor could he confirm where the 27-year-old was transported.

The incident began as two vehicles left Club Axis, 821 Iowa, Bordman said. One vehicle cut off another as they traveled southbound on Iowa Street.

“There was some verbal back-and-forth on Iowa. They both pulled into the Burger King parking lot and there was a physical altercation,” he said.

Bordman said officers interviewed everyone at the scene of the fight and people in the LMH lobby.

Police are still investigating the incident. Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Douglas County dispatchers, 832-7210.

Callers who want to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers, 843-TIPS.


fatheadff 9 years ago

Why are the city officals not trying to shut down club Axis "aka Gun and Knife Club" like they did Last Call. Seems like they have the same patrons there. But i guess they must like someone who owns it. Go ahead Lawrence just keep looking the other way...

skinny 9 years ago

Oh, that is our Topeka and Kansas City crowd!! They have a shoot out every weekend here on the way back to their gangsta cities!

jhawkfan05 9 years ago

What they need to do to stop all of the crap is shut down every BAR in town!!! Lawrence needs to become a dry city. Get rid of the BARS and the Liquior Stores!!!

misseve 9 years ago

Isnt this the second crime at THIS Burger King... Shouldn't the store stop thinking about profits and start thinking about patron safety? I thought in all seriousness that Club Axis was closed. I guess I was mistaken.

misseve 9 years ago

I should had added in in recent weeks about the number of crimes there... UGH! i was trying to sleep in and THAT did NOT happen.

BrianR 9 years ago

I knew that scary king was bad news.

jaywalker 9 years ago

I wanna Whopper and I want it now!

GardenMomma 9 years ago

That's a long way of "back and forth." 23rd and Naismith is a ways from 9th and Iowa.

I, too, thought Club Axis was closed.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

jhawk05- Not all drinkers are rowdy drunks, but I understand your frustration. I would bet my BK that alcohol was a factor in this one. .

misseve 9 years ago

jhawkfan05 (Anonymous) says…

What they need to do to stop all of the crap is shut down every BAR in town!!! Lawrence needs to become a dry city. Get rid of the BARS and the Liquior Stores!

The sad thing is as long as KU is here and they can get them with MIP's that will NEVER happen. Who do you think is paying for those fancy yet silly new gadgets the city "must" have? Don't even get me started on the ability to even catch the criminals around here. Have they got that chick who left jail at Christmas yet? Another subject. They real point is patron safety. I know there were times when I would go to McDonalds on 23rd when the club behind it was open and there were cops and security en masse. This is something I know the Dobski's paid for. MAYBE Burger King should think about something similar in the future.

RoeDapple 9 years ago

I don't get it. Their burgers aren't THAT good...........

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Pywacket (Anonymous) says… How many patrons or employees have been killed, injured, harassed, etc., by random drunks at that BK location over the last, oh… 10 years?

I was wondering about un-random drunks.

misseve 9 years ago

PY as ridiculouls as you may think it seems this is the second "serious" crime there in less than a few months. Wasn't this the SAME BK where guys were robbed at gunpoint? I know my memory is shaky but still. This is also the closest BK to the west exit to I70, so yes it is NOT close to a bar but it is close to getting out of town. I never say my suggestions are great but they are better than the non suggestions that you have... really
And as for paying more, I don't eat there but IF I did i would want to feel like IF i had a late night craving i dont have to worry about being attacked or robbed because the as i stated now for the 3rd time BK cared about MY safety not just the bottom line. But once again this is just me.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Multidisciplinary (Anonymous) says…

burger joints. (rofl) Just think what would happen if we had a Church's

We would get chicken flavored joints..... Then go to Vista (drive thru of course).

HermioneElliott 9 years ago

Two men have severe stab wounds and the people posting here see that as a very funny thing. This is real life, not a sit com. If someone had been killed, would you be ROFL? Probably.

Chris Ogle 9 years ago

Sorry Herm... I'll be good now.

Bursting 9 years ago

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Janet Lowther 9 years ago

Sounds like an exceptionally violent night.

Fights, a rape, and a knife fight. The police aren't doing much to prevent 'em are they?

But then, the police are mostly historians, investigating crimes which have already happened. All the training they get with guns, mace, tasers, etc. is just to keep their person in one piece. If they occasionally defend a citizen, that is just a bonus.

dweezil222 9 years ago

jhawkfan05 (Anonymous) says…

What they need to do to stop all of the crap is shut down every BAR in town!!! Lawrence needs to become a dry city. Get rid of the BARS and the Liquior Stores!!!


Yeah. Because history has shown us that Prohibition works so well...

Sharon Aikins 9 years ago

I just read the article to see if any victims denied medical treatmentt.

Maddy Griffin 9 years ago

Some people just have to " have it your way".

coolmom 9 years ago

how is it burger kings fault that the ijits pulled in there to fight? they should get extra charges for disrupting private property or something.

rousseau108 9 years ago


How exactly would you suggest the cops prevent every single crime from ever happening. A dozen cops on a busy weekend night to deal with the dozens of bars, apartment complexes, drunk drivers, etc. You're point is ridiculous, especially since they've caught all the suspects in all of the violent incidents that happened last night. Seems like pretty good work to me.

jaywalker 9 years ago

"Fights, a rape, and a knife fight. The police aren't doing much to prevent 'em are they?"

Yeah, well, their crystal ball was on the fritz last night, soo...

"If they occasionally defend a citizen, that is just a bonus."

Thought I'd found the dumbest poster of the day on another string, but here it seems a new contender has emerged! Congrats, jrilii!

Tom McCune 9 years ago


I really think you need to do some investigative journalism into the unnecessary use of the helicopter ambulances. My family's experience is that the cost of those rides is 20x the cost of a normal ambulance ride. Sure, there are situations where they are necessary, such as a bad car crash in a remote area far away from a hospital.

In this case, the guy with stab wounds to his torso apparently went to LMH by normal ambulance, but the guy with lacerations to his arm got flown to "another area hospital." Maybe that was really the necessary thing to do, but it sure seems to me like they use the choppers way, way, way more often than in anyplace else I have ever lived. To the casual observer, it sounds like they are running them so often just to justify their existence and cost.

Maybe somebody is just the Les Nessman of the medical world.

It is a pretty safe bet that two guys who get in a bum fight at the BK parking lot don't have insurance to pay for the chopper and the tax payers are getting the bill for all these flights.

LJW: figure out who the heck is paying for the choppers and report it. Please.

Tom McCune 9 years ago


If nothing else, there should be a reasonable story somewhere here about the choppers which answers the following basic questions:

  1. Who owns and operates the choppers?
  2. What is the cost of a chopper flight?
  3. Who sets and regulates the cost of chopper flights?
  4. If I am put into one of those things while unconscious, can they just charge me anything they feel like or is it regulated in any way?
  5. What % of flights are paid for by insurance? Individuals? Public sources?
  6. Where do the choppers go what % of the time? LMH? KU Med? Topeka?
  7. What are the most common causes of chopper flights? Car wrecks? Bum fights? etc?

If any of the flights are paid for by public funds, some of these answers should be a matter of public record. Don't let them give you any bull about patient privacy....


weatherguy48 9 years ago


Listen very slowly. This might be kinda hard for you to take in...but Bill Self is your mom.

somebodynew 9 years ago

@Newell_Post - you have hit the nail on the head. I have been saying that for the last several years. The protocol of LDCFM is to call for one almost anytime.

And people don't start with the argument that LMH isn't a trauma center. I know that, but they don't even evaluate people there (like they used to) before calling for the helios.

I realize there are some situations where they need to go right to the scene and get patients because of the time it saves, but it sure seems to me there has been a tremendous amount of calls where they fly in, scoope someone up, and then the next day that patient is released from the hospital, to face a 20-40 thousand dollar bill.

Talk about health care and insurance cost !!!

dweezil222 9 years ago

Helo might have been necessary for a severed artery or a cut with severe nerve damage. In trauma cases you usually have less time to act if the treatment is effective, and LMH just is not a top-quality trauma facility.

Christine Anderson 9 years ago

Idiots! Get a grip. So someone cuts you off in traffic? Deal with it by keeping your own cool and being grateful if you can avoid rear-ending the jerks. The kind of trash that get into a potentially life-threatening incident over something like this are the kind Lawrence doesn't need.

Eugehne Normandin 9 years ago

I equipped my car with super-tazers because I lost my knife.

Harpo 9 years ago

misplacedcheesehead - The article states that both parties were at the Club Axis prior to the incident that ensued. I think it's safe to say that whatever started the beef (no pun intended) occured inside the club or parking lot, and escalated during the drive that ultimately led to the knife fight at the Burger King. I doubt this had anything directly to do with road rage. That's my take anyway.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 9 years ago

Someone should investigate some of these posts. The logic expressed here is criminal.

Burger King: nothing to do with why they decided to get out and fight about stuff that happened across town.

Rape: She dated a knucklehead. The cops can't prevent THAT.

Multi: He can't wait for the next White Sale at JC Penney's so he can re-stock his wardrobe. Don't forget to cut out the eye holes, Multi.

Kaw Pickinton 9 years ago

"Isnt this the second crime at THIS Burger King… Shouldn't the store stop thinking about profits and start thinking about patron safety?"


I'm no fan of the fast food but these guys pull in to the parking lot and have a knife fight and you blame B.K?

pissedinlawrence 9 years ago

Thats what happens when you take the Whopper off the menu, people freak out.

justthefacts 9 years ago

I could be mistaken, but having been out till 2 AM a time or two myself in the recent past, it seems to me there are very few places where you can get something to eat at that hour. Two such places are Burger King and Taco Bell (on 6th). The Taco Bell line at the drive thru is often very long at that time of night. So someone (say from Topeka or KC) wanting to grab food (to put on top of booze and bong) may go to BK b/c they want that type of food, it's open at that hour, and/or the line isn't as long. Then, if they are the type who have a tendency towards thuggish conduct, the odds of something breaking out are increased, no matter where they are.

As for keeping that type of person out of Lawrence, good luck. Last time I checked, unlike some other countries, the US allows people to freely move about the country. Even if we banned all the clubs that play music (of any kind) in Lawrence, do you really think the kids from other towns (and they are often kids) would not find something else to like about a town that cators to college student's tastes?

justthefacts 9 years ago

P.S. However, if my kid worked at BK, I'd insist they (a) not be required to work that late and/or (b) the employer should hire an off-duty Police officer to sit in a city cop car, in the parking lot, at that hour!

Victor Dawson 9 years ago

I love this town!!! I really like the comment about the Spangles thug and the start of the burger wars! I am confused though in reference Club Axis being mentioned just because the patrons were there earlier that evening. I guess it is more newsworthy to mix apples and oranges. So, since the incident didn't happen at Axis and it did happen at BK then the business where it happened should be closed! Matter of fact, as on overall safety measure lets shut down the entire town at 7pm and require all people and pets to be insidet there houses until 7am. I am in favor of this because you never know how wild these burger wars can get. Personally, I think McD's planted the Spangles thug and it masterminding a complete takeover. Run, hide!!!

kasper 9 years ago

go home flaming dragon we dont want you in the usa anyways.your opinions suck

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