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Old Home Town - 25 years ago

March 7, 2009


Kansan Gary Hart from Ottawa said his 3-1 trouncing of Walter Mondale in Vermont was fresh evidence that the Democratic presidential primary tide was turning in his favor. But the Colorado senator said there still was a lot of “catch-up” to play in the weeks ahead.

A public forum to solicit opinions about the search for a new school superintendent attracted only about 20 people and most of them were district employees. A successor had to be found for Supt. Carl Knox who had resigned as of the coming July.

The Kansas House Ways and Means Committee breathed some life back into Kansas University’s lagging plans to build a new science library on the Lawrence campus. The committee voted $170,000 for facilities here, barely enough for some upgrading, but the move was seen as a boost to a full-scale effort later.


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