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Sen. Brownback supports Sebelius

March 4, 2009


— Kansas’ senior senator is bucking anti-abortion opposition to support fellow Kansan Kathleen Sebelius for health and human services secretary.

Republican Sam Brownback issued a statement Tuesday night saying he would support President Barack Obama’s nominee despite “profound policy differences.”

Brownback, a staunch social conservative who’s running to replace Sebelius as Kansas governor in 2010, had been under pressure from anti-abortion groups who oppose Sebelius because of her support for abortion rights. With his support, Sebelius, a Democrat, probably has a clear path to Senate confirmation.


Kryptenx 9 years, 3 months ago

Hahaha, too bad Brownback represents everything wrong with the Republican party. I wouldn't be surprised if he loses, even in ass-backwards Kansas.

justthefacts 9 years, 3 months ago

Of COURSE he supports her - he wants her job!!!!!!! Everyone knows he has his eye on the Governor's office (on his march towards becoming President some day - truly that's what he wants). Why not, the angels are always with him (see

His Republican opponent (assuming nothing changes) in the primary will be long-time KS Secretary of State, Ron Thornburg. For those (of any party) who do not want Mr. Brownback to be the next KS Governor, may I suggest you do all you can (including registering as a Republican, for awhile) to make sure that Ron T. wins at the primary level?

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