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Douglas County United Way announces chairmen of upcoming campaign

Plans are under way for the United Way's fall 2009 fundraising campaign.

March 4, 2009


United Way of Douglas County is already making plans for its fall fundraising campaign.

This year’s campaign co-chairs are Scot and Jane Buxton of Lawrence. They will be involved with key strategic planning for the campaign and assisting with organization of the fall fundraiser.

Despite the recession and nationwide economic troubles, the couple are optimistic the campaign can at least match last year’s effort, which raised $1.7 million.

“Douglas County is a very caring community,” Buxton said. “What we’ve seen in the past is they always rise to the occasion, and our goal is to make certain that people have the opportunity to do that.”

A campaign theme also has been selected.

“We would like to really live our theme this year, which is ‘Live United,’” Jane Buxton said. “Not only in our families and neighborhoods but in our community.”

The local United Way has yet to set a specific fundraising goal, but supporters hope to increase awareness of the services provided by its 25 partner agencies and invite more people to participate in local human services.

Scot Buxton grew up in Ransom. He is a former school teacher who has worked more than 20 years as an employee benefits consultant for Charlton Manley Insurance, now Willis HRH Inc. He is on many local boards, including the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Buxton is a lifelong Lawrence resident. She taught at several Lawrence public schools and supervised student teachers at Kansas University. She also served on various committees. She is serving a three-year term on the United Way board of directors.


beobachter 5 years, 1 month ago

don't play the game of making your boss look good. if you want to donate, give directly. eliminate the overhead.


toe 5 years, 1 month ago

Give directly to the charity of your choice. You have grown up now and do not need a nanny to spend your charity dollars.


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