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Personal property assessment forms due to county

March 3, 2009


Douglas County taxpayers have until March 16 to file 2009 personal property assessment forms.

Typically, the deadline is March 15, but this year that’s a Sunday.

The Douglas County Appraiser’s office mailed assessment forms to personal property owners in January. The forms must be signed and return to the appraiser’s office.

The completed forms should include taxable personal property, including boats, jet skis, trailers, mobile homes, airplanes, large trucks, mopeds and business equipment.

Taxpayers who have not received a form can get one by calling 832-5289. Taxpayers who file late will be charge a penalty.


KS 9 years, 2 months ago

swan_diver - Trust me! You have some of those items, you just haven't looked at the form close enough. This is without a doubt the most ridiculous method of taxing that I can imagine. It reflects the stupidity of the taxing authorities. How is a person expected to keep track of all the items listed? I guess not owning up to it, is certainly an option.

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