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Brandon Woods receives safety award

March 3, 2009


Brandon Woods at Alvamar was named a recipient of the Kansas State Safety Award for completing more than 500,000 work hours without a lost-time on the job accident. The organization was recognized at a special awards ceremony Feb. 27 in Lawrence.

The program, a Kansas Department of Labor and Division of Industrial Safety and Health initiative, is designed to support employers’ efforts to provide safe work places in Kansas. Leading this charge has been Teresa Prochaska, director of human resources for Brandon Woods.

Brandon Woods safety committee members receiving the award, representing several departments, include Prochaska, Margaret Ostronic, Don Minter, Pete McMillan, Vicki Chance, Trudy Sipes, Kalila Thomas, Carol Hermann, Anne Sibinski, Tom Malcolm, Amanda Cheek and Eric Parker.


lianne 9 years, 1 month ago

Oh, it's funny how the bad things about Brandon Woods aren't published. In 2004 they overdosed my grandfather with 30 days of medication, took him to the ER and never reported it to his family. He became almost catatonic and non responsive after this. He had been living in their Independent living apartment and was by all means self sufficient and was in the "nursing" home unit after a fall when the overdose occured. When suit was filed they refused to furnish his medical records and once they did furnish them, they had cut and pasted information around on the pages which was clearly obvious and falsified documents about his care. This place is a disgrace to the community. They change hands so fast over and over so nobody can place blame on them. I wouldn't let these fools care for stray dog, let alone a family member!

hunterb 9 years, 1 month ago

Yes I agree with lianne, if you care for the saftey and well being of your precious elderly family members Brandon Woods is not a place you want to send them in their most fragile years. I have heard many horror stories of things that have happened to residents there due to the neglegence of their staff. Many of the stories I have heard result ultimately in the death of the patient. The worst part is in the end they never admit any wrongdoing on their part and try to squirm their way out of their responsibility much like a snake trying to squirm out of someones hands once caught. People should be very careful what type of home they choose to care for their elderly family members. Just because it looks like a nice hotel does'nt mean the staff there gives a damn about your family member.

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