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Helping one person can improve economy

March 2, 2009


Do you know at least one person who is overwhelmed by financial difficulty?

This person might be wrestling with unemployment, too much debt, the threat of foreclosure or loss of other economic resources.

Most of us can name several people who are struggling financially.

The good news is that each of us can help at least one deserving person in a tangible way. We can help her locate a job, make a better plan, ditch some debt or stabilize economically in some way.

While most of us hope the federal stimulus efforts will help our nation, it’s a sure bet that all of us helping each other will really make some magic happen.

If we all act quickly to do something for others, we can help to avoid the worst — a nation in trouble with no way out.

By volunteering our help, we can help someone think logically and stay on track.

For example, one woman helped her niece reflect on the idea of completing her second year of college online. The niece’s travel and housing expenses could be cut this way.

If every adult supports one or more individuals in finding work or fixing a financial problem, this practical approach will surpass anything the government can do to balance things out.

Naturally, helping someone take a few steps to find employment, reduce debt, rent her house to someone, look for alternative income, or go to credit counseling will take some of your time. But think of it as your personal gift to help our national economy.

Kindness in our relationships can provide tangible benefits that a government bailout can’t accomplish by itself.

For example, most of us can do the following:

• Help someone create a good résumé. Most of us can offer at least an hour’s worth of helping in writing or editing someone’s résumé.

• Help someone avoid foreclosure. You offer to go to the bank with a friend or loved one to discuss the problem. Or, you might lend someone money to help him catch up one or two payments.

• Lend or give someone resources to look for work. For example, could you offer someone frequent flier miles, the use of a vehicle or a room at your house while he or she looks for work in your city?

By jumping in quickly to support one or more people, we will all help heal the economic crisis a lot faster.


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