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Snake in substation in north Lawrence causes power failure

June 24, 2009, 5:25 a.m. Updated June 24, 2009, 10:14 a.m.


A snake that slithered its way into a Westar Energy power substation in north Lawrence at North 9th and Maple streets at 4:41 a.m. Wednesday knocked out power to 789 Westar customers, according to company spokeswoman Karla Olsen.

The failure was mainly centered in north Lawrence.

Power was restored to all customers by 6:35 a.m., Olsen said.


Kyle Miller 9 years ago

That plant hasnt been called FMC in years. They have been bought out twice now.

PolarisQueen 9 years ago

Good Call JayHawk, it was FMC, then Astaris now ICL. I wonder if they put FMC because even with the name changes, most Lawrencians know it as FMC.

Bobbi Walls 9 years ago

It got really warm in the house with no power, glad they got it back on before the sun came up.

Nick Bundy 9 years ago

Cause was a snake in the substation... Again. I'm not sure what the deal with these snakes is this year.

aha 9 years ago

wtf with snakes causing these power outages??

Dan Edwards 9 years ago

Isn't this the third outage in two weeks that Westar said was caused by a snake? There were two in one day a couple Fridays ago. What gives?

ohjayhawk 9 years ago

I'm thinking it's a conspiracy. It's happening here in WV, too.

Are the snakes eyeing global domination?

MeAndFannieLou 9 years ago

Maybe they think they've blamed the squirrels too much for every power outage, so they're going to blame snakes for awhile and give the squirrels a break.

classclown 9 years ago

Snakes are the latest recruits for terrorist groups. Their goal is to bring down the United States and crippling our infrastructure by taking out our power grid.

They achieve glorious martyrdom in their jihad against us with their suicide attacks on our power substations causing cities to lose the electricity they thrive on knowing that Allah will reward them in the afterlife with the gift of 40 virgin snakes.

WHY 9 years ago

Maybe we could put a cover over exposed wires to keep snakes from taking down our power system.

Paul Decelles 9 years ago

Of course both Washington and Topeka have plenty of snakes.

salad 9 years ago

snake was probably trying to steal copper wire. Like most criminals, snakes are maybe......not so smart.

Flap Doodle 9 years ago

This is the most whimsical thread on LJW so far this week. LOLz

ClaroAtaxia 9 years ago

I agree, it seems odd that now all of a sudden snakes are knocking out power in whole sections of town for hours at a time. The snakes seem to be doing a lot better at it than lightning. Why can't they just tell us what happened rather than make this crap up every damn time?

blindrabbit 9 years ago

Polaris Queen: The "FMC" Plant as you call it was originally built as a Westvaco Plant, FMC was a later name change.

Maybe we ought to install a power substation out near the Baker Wetlands to attract the "viper" that was spotted out there a couple of months ago.

Calliope877 9 years ago

Where's a mongoose when you need one?

Calliope877 9 years ago

D@mn college kids...always gettin' drunk and throwin' snakes into substations...

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