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A soft touch

It’s hard for the Lawrence Humane Society to say no to an animal in need.

June 20, 2009


Does it seem like animal welfare people across the state have gotten the idea that someone at the Lawrence Humane Society is a soft touch when it comes to animals in need?

If so, they’re right.

Once again, Executive Director Midge Grinstead and her staff have stepped in to take care of animals that others couldn’t handle. In the last two weeks the Lawrence Humane Society has taken in 50 dogs, including 15 Pekingese dogs rescued from a breeder and 25 dogs from two shelters in Hutchinson and Pratt. Changes left the Pratt shelter in need of some help, and a storm blew the roof off the Hutchinson shelter. No shelters in that part of the state offered to help take up the slack, so the Lawrence shelter opened its doors.

It could be argued that it’s not the Lawrence shelter’s job to take in dogs from halfway across the state, but that’s not how Grinstead and the donors who support the local shelter see things. Their attitude is more like, “If an animal needs a place to go, how can we say no?”

All those extra dogs are getting a lot of love out on East 19th Street, but they’d be glad to share some of that love in a home of their own. If that sweet picture on the front page of Friday’s Journal-World of a dog peering out of her cage or any of the lively shots on pulled at your heartstrings, you might have a new friend waiting for you at the Lawrence Humane Society.


bearded_gnome 8 years, 11 months ago

thanks LJW for featuring this situation by way of your editorial.

Midge and her staff did step up when others would not. that makes them heroes.

get a dog. spend time with your dog every day. that dog will give you so much more than that dog will need from you. Dogs are, I believe, put here on earth to show us a little about what angels are like.

I have worked with three dogs in my life. trained the one I have now in obedience.

if you get a dog, it is a commitment. but if you make that commitment, you won't regret it.

Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 11 months ago

A dog, like a cat, is not a possession. It is a living being and if you don't love one you shouldn't have one. Just buy a stuffed animal. My cocker spainel who was not nuetered as we did not do things like that in my day, didn't have to where we lived, was very protective towards the other animals. As I have said before he watched over our chickens and rabbits would frolic around him as he lay in the grass. How could you not love that?

Doug Peschka 8 years, 8 months ago

In the early part of this decade, my wife and I used to commute from Olathe to Lawrence to assist Animal Outreach of Kansas with some of their activism.

Looking back in hindsight, it seems that actually rescuing animals, like the feral cats that used to live around the old KU campus power station, was, indeed, AOK's finest hour.

That remains true still to this day.

Animal lovers are at their real best when they roll up their sleeves and help animals by rescuing them and/or adopting them and giving them good caring homes.

Our own home is a safe and loving haven for the cats we have taken in, and made part of our family.

Midge Grinstead's work, in my mind, far outshines that of many "Animal Rights" activists every day by going out of her way to help animals that need it the most.

Real animal activists roll up their sleeves and take care of animals, and put hands-on action where their mouth is.

At the end of the day, it's not the number of signs we've help up in public that makes the difference for animals; it's the quality of animals' lives that we can directly improve by adopting them and taking care of them ourselves that matters.

You don't need to join an animal-rights group, or hold up picket signs in front of slaughterhouses and circuses, or even change your diet.

But when we visit places like the Lawrence Humane Society, and adopt a dog or a cat, or two, or maybe one of each, we commit to something outside of ourselves.

It's well worth it.


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