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100 years ago: Boy saves woman from drowning in well

June 18, 2009


From the Lawrence Daily World for June 18, 1909: Work cannot begin on the electric line here for several days because the iron works failed to ship any bolts and spikes with their rails and other materials. The needed materials may still be in Joliet, Ill. . . . Hearing screams from the mouth of a well at 311 Mississippi, Archie Campbell, a well-known Lawrence boy, ran to the well, dived through a hole in the curbing and rescued Mrs. Dick Bateson from drowning yesterday afternoon. He slid down a long pipe and was able to hold the woman until neighbors could reach down 53 feet and rescue her and the boy, the hero of the week. Mrs. Bateson is a large woman who stepped on a rotted board and fell into the well. She avoided striking her head and was able to yell for help, which was heard by neighbors and brought the respone from “some kids playing nearby, including the heroic Campbell boy. He suffered some injuries but refused to take credit and his injuries are not serious. He slid down some piping to reach Mrs. Bateson and burned his hands, but he was not seriously hurt.


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