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Thursday night forum to focus on gender identity issues

June 17, 2009


The city’s Human Relations Commission on Thursday will participate in a forum on gender identity issues.

The forum, which is open to the public, will feature a showing of the documentary, “Call Me Malcom,” which chronicles a female seminary student’s transition to a male. A group discussion will follow.

The city’s Human Relations Commission is participating in the forum as part of its deliberations on a proposal that would make the Lawrence the first city in the state to legally protect transgendered people from discrimination in housing and employment matters.

The forum will begin at 7 p.m. at Plymouth Congregational Church, 925 Vt.


bd 9 years ago

??? how can they be descriminated against, if you can't tell by looking at them?? Do they carry a sign around their necks???

Give me a break!

Reuben Turner 9 years ago

so will the males be able to use the female bathroom now and the females the same? discrimination has always been a no no, i think the issue is going way too far. some folks just need to deal with reality and face facts. u were born male so deal with it. you were born female, so deal with it.

Dan Eyler 9 years ago

This whole issue is nothing more than a serious psychiatric issue. But instead of treating it as such there is this attempt to call this behavior normal. Like so much weird stuff going on in america today this also defies common sense. I am sure this circus event is going to be a laugh with all those clowns in one room. How about working through your issues so we don't have to point out this seriously warped behavior.

melg 9 years ago

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