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Police searching for suspect in Sunday morning burglary

June 14, 2009


Police are seeking a suspect in an aggravated auto burglary and theft reported early Sunday morning in a parking lot near Burger King, 1107 W. Sixth St.

According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman, a Burger King employee was entering their vehicle when an unknown subject approached. The suspect spoke to the victim before reaching into the car and stealing money. Cash was the only item taken in the incident.

Police responded to the call at 12:01 a.m.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police department at 832-7509 or leave an anonymous message on the TIPS hot line at 843-TIPS (8477).


satar 6 years ago

Oh great, another BK heist on 6th...What happening to this town?

Chris Ogle 6 years ago

Well... if I see an unknown Suspect with money, I will call you.... but... chances are, you better keep looking.

smarty_pants 6 years ago

"According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman, a Burger King employee was entering their vehicle when an unknown subject approached."

Shouldn't it be: "According to Lawrence Police Sgt. Ted Bordman, a Burger King employess was entering his (or her) vehicle. Isn't employee singular? Editors, what's up?

introversion 6 years ago

I bet it was some of those old folks that dance there.

Shut down Burger King!

Chris Ogle 6 years ago

LarryNative: Are you racist, or do you just not like white people.

YouPeopleAreCrazy 6 years ago

So there was no crime in the world before Obama became president? You're an idiot.

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

Yes, Jonathan, what's up with that? We always read when the perp is black, never read about white, Native, etc. Don't those people ever commit crimes in Lawrence? Also, does the paper have stats on whether on not there is an actual crime surge, as regrards robbery with or without weapons?

alm77 6 years ago

"Police searching for suspect in _ morning burglary" You guys just cut and paste this headline every weekend don't you?

somebodynew 6 years ago

OK, I am a cynic, but I think there are some holes in this story (at least the way it is reported). The employee just has this person come up to the car late at night and talk to them, and then just reach in and take money??? Something tells me this was the business money and not the employee's, or there is really more to this story.

AND Lawrenceguy40 - could you Please get off your Obama rant with every f*g article. In case you hadn't noticed he won and the election is over for 4 more years. Try reminding people when it comes TIME for an election.

bearded_gnome 6 years ago

why is this story headline not up in the breaking news zone on the webpage?

some description would be nice, once again we're left being on the lookout for "suspect" or "suspects."

does lpd really wanna solve this crime?

"have it your way at Burger King!"

somebodynew 6 years ago

Oh, and now that I think of it - why is label a Burglary?? The person was present and one would assume (at least the way the story is written) they would have somehow objected or been forced into giving over the money making it a Robbery. Like I said - more questions than answers.

Calliope877 6 years ago

Maybe Lawrenceguy is the one pulling these recent heists so he can blame them on Obama...

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

somebodynew After reading your comment I read the report again and I think you are right. I guess we will know when the employee buys a new television or some such. The Obama rant will go on. Just get used to it.

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