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Poet’s Showcase: Thinking Green

June 14, 2009


Can’t you just see it, Old Glory flying the red, white and green,

Matching your home, car and clothes with this new theme.

The trees will not change colors come next fall,

The sky, your work and your play will follow the call.

Green for your print from the papers you’ll read,

The restaurant menus featuring all natural green feed.

Competitive games all sporting green for their colors,

Even the refs mixed in to look like twin brothers.

Enough of this fantasy, the problems are real,

Making an effort together, think how good we will feel.

The idea is great so let’s everybody be ready to do their part,

We could end up making the world a new refreshing work of art.

Of course, the real meaning of “green” as we know it today,

Is to bring up to date all the places where we work and play.

— Herman Hallberg lives in Lawrence.


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