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25 years ago: City tentative in approval of rehabilitation rental property program

June 14, 2009


Worried about an extra load on staff time, the city commission gave only half-hearted approval for the Community Development Department to pursue a new program aimed at rehabilitation rental property for low-income tenants.

The Carson and Barnes Circus arrived for local showings and the fairgrounds were jammed with early spectators watching the unloading for the “big tent” production.

The city commission was besieged by requests from agencies for revenue-sharing funds. Requests quickly topped $2 million total and it was expected that only about $1.2 million, tops, would be available.

The state attorney general said it was legal for zoning people to deliberate in private when making recommendations about most issues of zoning. Planners sometimes needed such privacy, said Atty. Gen. Robert Stephan.

The county was seeking a new public works director to replace Mike Dooley, who had been fired and who was taking a state post in Topeka. The issues in the firing remained secret.

The United fund goal for the coming year was set at $470,882.


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