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Xavier Henry to skip summer school, will report to KU’s campus in August

June 12, 2009


Incoming Kansas University freshman basketball player Xavier Henry won’t be attending summer school after all, coach Bill Self said Thursday.

Henry — who had his braces removed from his teeth earlier this week — needs a root canal and some other dental work and has decided to condition in his hometown of Oklahoma City with a personal trainer.

The 6-foot-6 McDonald’s All-American will report to KU’s campus in August with his brother, KU walk-on C.J. Henry.

“The most important time for him to be here this summer is first term when all the players are here. He’d have a hard time doing that with the situation he’s dealing with his mouth,” Self said. “We understand. I know he’ll be working on his own.”

C.J. Henry, a 6-3 guard who cracked a bone in his foot last year as a freshman at Memphis, is also rehabbing in OKC.

Carl Henry, father of the Henrys, said in a phone interview Thursday that C.J. should begin running next week and will be full speed when he reports to KU.

“One thing you have to remember about C.J. is the Yankees (who C.J. signed with in 2005) pay tuition for two semesters, not summer school,” Self said. “So he would have had to pay his own way.

“Hopefully he’ll be cleared (physically for full scrimmaging) in a month or so. They’ll both be here (in August) ready to go.”

Back in Oklahoma City, Carl Henry said Thursday he was fine with the decision of Xavier to not report to KU until August.

“I mean if it’s OK with coach Self, it’s OK with me. He told coach last night,” Carl said. “I encouraged him to go to summer school because everybody is there. But the way I look at it is C.J. and Xavier will be working out with the same guy who gets them in shape every year. Both will be in tip-top shape when they get to KU.

“I started watching the workouts yesterday,” Carl added of Xavier’s work with the trainer. “Xavier does three to four hours a day several days a week. They’ll both be in great shape.”

Carl said in weeks since Xavier’s April 23 commitment to KU, he looked into the possibility of Xavier playing in Europe for a year before heading to the NBA Draft.

That will not happen.

Carl said Xavier had a recent conversation with former prep standout Brandon Jennings, who, instead of going to college, played in Europe last season in advance of the 2009 NBA Draft. Jennings is expected to be a lottery pick. That conversation had Xavier a bit more curious about the European option.

“They (European team) could get him $1 million a year,” Carl said. “But he’s not interested in that. He needs instruction and you don’t get that overseas. Overseas they put you in and want you to score. There’s no talk of Europe at all. He and C.J. are 100 percent coming to Kansas.”

In a text message to, Xavier indicated he was sold on attending KU a year and there were no other options being considered.


Steve Jacob 8 years, 10 months ago

Why in the world would you go to summer school when you only plan on going to school one semester? Self made a deal with the devil, an has to live with it. (Not saying Henry is bad just that one year players may not be worth the trouble. For every Odem and Anthony we have OJ Mayo's who's relatives except money from coaches and Derrick Rose's who get someone else to take the SAT's.)

antney 8 years, 10 months ago

We thought Brandon Rush would be a on and gone but he gave us 3 years and a National Championship....

There is nothing wrong with the Henry brothers wanting to take a little summer time off.

KEITHMILES05 8 years, 10 months ago

The drama continues with the Henry clan.

Jeff Kilgore 8 years, 10 months ago

Drama? This is drama to you? Seriously? They're guaranteed millions in just a year or so!

I'm glad that they're coming to KU, and Xavier, if it is just one year, that's the way the game is played today. Besides, they'll be in great shape, just like their father says. He ought to know, being a former star and NBA player. They're in great hands! If Self is okay with what they're doing, what's the problem?

Bobo Fleming 8 years, 10 months ago

Maybe he will show up at KU. Maybe he wont. Either way KU will be good. Too much attention to the kid.

Graczyk 8 years, 10 months ago

Wind up the music box, the prima donna is beginning to dance...

jaywalker 8 years, 10 months ago

Gimme a break. My money and confidence is on Coach. The man knows what he's doing and how to handle his kids. This ain't nothin' but a thing. Since when did all players HAVE to attend summer school or HAVE to be in Larry all summer? All you poo-poo'ers.......whatever.

KEITHMILES05 8 years, 10 months ago

The fact is all players HAVE been in Lawrence at least part of the summer. These two don't even know their teammates. It's about the team sport and not being selfish.

jaywalker 8 years, 10 months ago

"These two don't even know their teammates. It's about the team sport and not being selfish."

Unbelievably ridiculous. I ask again: when did it become mandatory for basketball players to jump straight from high school into summer school? I'm goin' w/ never, ever before this kid. Ridiculous. Selfish? Look in the mirror, 'cuz anyone that begrudges them something this inconsequential is thinking about 'themselves' and their IDEA of what should be happening NOW. Didn''t Sherron spend all last summer in Chicago? Every summer? And countless other players?

TopJayhawk 8 years, 10 months ago

I agree that there is not a rule about summer school. But with all the other stuff. 1) The lenghty drama about where he would play. 2) Wheather or not he would play. 3) Checking out Europe after he committed to KU etc. IT just sounds like his heart in not in it, and I agree that it sounds like it could be trouble.
But who knows.

Lee Eldridge 8 years, 10 months ago

A little disappointing. Summer is a great time to start developing some chemistry with the other guys.

jeffds01 8 years, 10 months ago

This whole thread makes me laugh, what do any of you know about coaching or playing basketball or even being a kid. Last week people were giving him a hard time for not being a kid and wanting to go straight to the NBA, now they are giving him a hard time because he wants to be a kid and have his high school senior summer off. He is a star athlete who had an NBA ready body his junior year in high school, give the kid a break. He'll report to Lawrence in shape as will his professional athlete brother CJ. Xavier is one of the biggest recruits in KU history, and is exactly the missing peice to the pie we needed last year. The shooting foward to the #3, because I'm sorry but journal world readers, Brady isn't getting it done, and we are not winning a championship with him at the 3 spot. Stop bashing a young man trying to make the best decision for himself, not for KU. It is about the actual player too!, and not just the school that reaps in millions because of it.

Get off his back, and go youtube him, you'll be impressed, and agree that he is a more advance athlete now and has been than Brady, the twins, Reed, Releford, and many more are or ever will be.

Rickyonealku 8 years, 10 months ago

I would LOVE to spend my summer at Lawrence, Kansas!!!

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